Introducing EOS Talkchain

A Video Town Hall For The EOS Community

Carl Carpenter
Mar 11 · 7 min read
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Talkchain is a new video conversation experience delivered by the world’s first video forum. On Talkchain, issues become open conversations where the narrative evolves toward consensus as all facts are factored and all voices heard.

One of the main goals of most communities is growth, and this is especially true for EOS as the would-be foundation for a new Internet. However, the EOS Community experience, still primarily on Telegram, is far too dense for consumer adoption. YouTube is taking up a lot of slack, but the videos are often too long and complex for newcomers. The amount of new material can be overwhelming.

The simple truth is, when not working at their jobs, most folks prefer watching to reading. I imagine the average EOS token holder wanting to learn from what they watch, but also wanting to feed back in a meaningful way. A little text would be welcome, but the experience should come at them for the most part, and not ask for too much back. Basically, the solution has to be media, more TV-like, and at least somewhat entertaining. Again, YouTube is a good start, but it’s not conversational, and there’s very little feedback.

So a workable solution would be video based, but it can’t be what we have now, as YouTube, Hangouts, and Zoom obviously aren’t solving the problem. Despite the great and talented efforts of many who are using these tools, voter apathy has been a huge problem.

Good news though, there’s a new conversational video experience being unveiled now on Mainnet, an asynchronous video forum that’s perfect for measuring Community sentiment. We’re debuting it on EOS because EOS is pioneering governance, because the Community really needs our solutions, and because we’re building on EOS.

Grid View

We call the Talkchain experience collective conversation and it promises a number of breakthroughs — conflict resolution, consensus generation, collective decision making and more—for organizations at all levels.

Collective conversation is not like messaging (Telegram) or broadcast (YouTube), it’s more of a deliberative medium, more like a video town hall where community problems are discussed and debated in a more formal and structured way, with proposals being made and decided upon.

So this is the potential, and right now we need to prove concept. The plan is to scale up a little to test the system out and fix any bugs we find, whether in code or the experience, and when we’re sure we’re solid we can announce EOS Talkchain to the wider Community.

So if you’re up for a little experiment in decentralized democracy you are hereby invited to come to EOS Talkchain, sign up, and experience collective conversation for yourself on subjects like EOS Proposals, Tools & Infrastructure, Dapps, Governance, Block Producers, and more. Just know that there is very little content right now, and that you will probably encounter bugs. Talkchain is a new form of media on a brand new platform and you will be its first users.

After you sign up we want you to participate, so we’re going to incentivize that. We don’t have anything formal on this yet, but the intent is for early adopters to receive some multiple of the TLK (our future token) reward they’ll receive for rating and posting at the time we launch the token. The idea is the more you participate the more tokens you earn, and early adopters can build up tokens so that when TLK launches they’ll already own a bunch. We’ll keep you posted on this as things develop. Please see the Talkchain White Paper for more on our tokenization model.

The Consensus Pane

The EOS acronym has for me always stood for Earth Operating System, a planetary OS for Dapps, the foundation and fabric of the next generation Internet, and among its many firsts, built-in self governance. Accomplishing this governance part has proven challenging, but we now have a new constitution granting decision making power to the block producers, who can be voted in or out of the top 21 paying positions by token holders. It’s representative democracy in the style of most modern states, with ample doses of liquid democracy (proxies) and good old fashioned DPOS plutocracy (stake-weighted voting) thrown in.

Where Talkchain can add value to this system is producing Community sentiment, as we provide a Consensus Index on every post that BPs can take into consideration when making governance decisions.

The Many Problems

I remember reading EOS New York’s proposal to abolish the 15% voter participation threshold, which ultimately led to the rise of the EUA. At the time I read it there was a single, weighty and well reasoned comment from Samuli Pahalahti there, which ended with this…

We don’t even have any good tools which help tokenholders to keep up what’s happening in the ecosystem. All the information is scattered around the web on many different sites, videos and blogs. It’s pretty much impossible to understand who is the good party and who is not, unless you are making it your full-time job.

EOS Talkchain is a solution to these problems, and actually many more. And the many more could not be captured better than in the following video. I sincerely feel for these folks, they’re trying hard, the technology they’re using just doesn’t scale well.

What the Community needs

What we need is a single place to come together to discuss, debate and collectively decide the myriad issues we face. We need a decentralized town hall, a video forum that does scale, so that every voice is heard and all facts are factored. Once an issue is thoroughly understood, with some level of consensus achieved, the BPs can proceed with confidence.

An Exchange — Hostpost And Replies

We’re honored that some of our first hostposts are from Thomas Cox, perhaps the top blockchain governance expert on the planet right now. As your first experience on EOS Talkchain, please watch and rate one of Thomas’ hostposts, then do a quick reply, if only as an exercise. You really need to see how easy it is to get involved in collective conversation. Click the red Reply button (pictured here, it appears after you watch the video) and let Thomas and the Community know what you think. Don’t worry, you can re-record till you get it right, and you can also delete if you need to.

All things considered though, the hottest thing on EOS Talkchain will probably be our Debate feature. On Talkchain, any disagreement can become a spontaneous decentralized (unmoderated) debate where the audience decides the winner. It should be popular as most people love a good debate. Syd Field, the great screenwriting guru, famously said, All drama is conflict. The truth is, people are fascinated by it, especially when it’s resolved, and doubly so if they help resolve it. So Talkchain will be leveraging the innate drama of debate to attract more token holders to the activist EOS Community.

Bottom line, to help onboard and retain EOS users we need an engaging and hopefully entertaining news-media-debate front end. This is exactly what EOS Talkchain aims to be.

A text forum is not the front end the EOS Community needs. Text forums, to include our beloved Telegram, are too time and energy consumptive, too much like work for the vast majority of people, who prefer to watch. The Talkchain UX is something new, more like interactive TV news meets direct democracy.

The Rater Prompt

On Talkchain, voting is ambient, part of the flow, baked into the collective conversation UX. Everyone gets to say how much they resonate, how much they agree with everything the expert panelists or audience members post, immediately after watching them speak. All votes are recorded on chain, and we then turn them into a Consensus Index for the post, a precise measurement of Community sentiment, exactly what BPs need to help them decide what’s best for EOS.

EOS Talkchain is where top experts currently based on Telegram and YouTube can come together to host TV news-style discussion and debate in front of the entire Community. Turning Telegram text into interactive TV news has the potential to solve voter apathy, and the beauty is, no one has to travel or even schedule a meeting, the experience is entirely asynchronous.

EOS Talkchain will not replace Telegram or YouTube, it occupies a meta-layer above all the channels, a layer capable of aggregating and integrating the myriad details and views into news people can understand and feed back on.

We will not track you or sell your data

Finally, you should know that our business model does not depend on you becoming our product. The truth is, we want Talkchain to become a DAC, a decentralized autonomous company, responsible for hosting, managing, maintaining and developing new features for the Talkchain Network. Ultimately, this would mean no management team or board of directors, we’ll see what’s possible, but we intend to enable Talkchain users to decide everything about the product and running the company, including when and how to open source the code.

So… if you’ve got a few minutes to spare and would like to experiment with something entirely new in decentralized governance/media, something that could in fact prove transformational for the EOS Community and beyond, plus earn you tokens that could be valuable one day, please do sign up, we’d love to have you join us. And thanks for reading!

For more on Talkchain, please take a look at the Talkchain White Paper.

Carl Carpenter

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Founder of Talkchain, Dad, Seeker

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