Belly Fat Buster Smoothie | Recipe By Asha Mehra

Belly Fat Buster smoothie is the best for Fat Buster smoothie to have, not all like the color of plain yogurt smoothie. So I have added some rose syrup into this. Belly Fat Buster rose smoothie mixed with fat cutter ingredients is best for belly fat buster. Miraculously, this mighty smoothie has always stood out to be best for the fat cutter and also healthy though it is good with all of the random additives.

This smoothie is liked by all. This recipe is for the parties or for some auspicious function in your house or just to refresh your mood. Its ingredients also ground well along in the grinder, so that the taste remains secret. But on the days when I’m craving healthy comfort food — especially comfort food that sings of summer and warmth, I go back to the original Belly Fat Buster smoothie.

Click here for full receipe

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