Uber’s path forward
Garrett Camp

OK, Garret, I have some questions which I hope you have thought about.

The driver owns the car, right? Using his/her car is putting wear and tear on the investment in that vehicle. Is what the driver is being paid sufficienct to cover both his/her time in working as well as covering the wear and tear on the vehicle? Have your MBA’s studied this issue?

You are building your company on the needs in the population for employment at a time when employment is a problem. In other words, there is a surplus of workers needing employment and this is beneficial to Uber. But is there any thought as to what responsibility Uber has to the driver who is investing his/her investment in a vehicle and investing his/her time in provinding Uber’s clients with service? Is there some sort of plan to reward drivers with a pension plan based on service or of providing the drivers with some sort of health care. The last item is a big one, since drivers are out on the road more frequently than the average driver, the statistical probability of being involved in an accident rises with the number of hours on the road. Also health care is a big issue to the population in general and as drivers age it becomes more and more of a concern. Is Uber taking this issue into account which is a big one for the drivers and their families?

I have used Uber in Mexico and it works very well. Thank you for your input.

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