Ag for Hire in the News

Ag for Hire! Look what progress we have made. Our company has a mission to make jobs and wages more transparent, to fill the artificial shortages of labor, and to make all of this more efficient for YOU.

Recently, you may have seen Ag for Hire popping up in a few places..

Ag Funder News:

Who is Ag Funder? “Ag Funder New is an industry news site at the intersection of agriculture, technology, and investment”. Ag Funder is not only a hub of information, but also an investment platform for agricultural innovation.

The Davis Enterprise:

What is the Davis Enterprise? The Davis Enterprise is a YOLO country newsroom focusing on community-driven publications. The roots of Ag for Hire are in Davis, California and recently moved offices to Woodland, California of YOLO county. Davis Enterprise reflects on our initial win at the Apps for Ag Hackathon, but also the progress we have made today “Not only did Ag for Hire win the competition, its creators discovered that their idea met a real need in the ag community: sourcing labor.” We appreciate the warm welcome from the Davis Enterprise as a community innovator!

What’s next to come? Ag for Hire will welcome in June being featured on CBS Good Day Sacramento. June 1st, start your morning by flipping to channel 31. We can’t wait to see y’all!

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