There’s a Lot I Haven’t Been Telling You
Ted Rheingold

Hi Ted, I am a relative newcomer to Catster and have to thank you for creating such a wonderful online home for felines, canines, and their slaves. We truly value all the friendships we have made there. We have been following your courageous battle with cancer here on Medium, and our thoughts and prayers go with you and your wonderful family. My wife was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma in 1993, and after nine months of heavy duty chemo has been disease free since then. Her oncologist is one of our favorite people, and he is now my primary care doc. I took the liberty of posting the link to this entry to a couple of the Catster/Dogster groups, and many there expressed their good wishes for you. You still have an army of friends there!

Again, best of luck and keep fighting!

Warren Taylor, slave to Ocicats Saphira and Viola

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