Real-time hyper-connectivity has the potential to bend our perception in powerful ways. We need a better framework for understanding our own software.

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Professor Charles Francis Xavier is the Marvel comic character who first appeared in September 1963. His story can be summarized as something like being gifted with a powerful brain mutation that allows for, or perhaps forces him into, a direct neural connection to the global consciousness of humanity. What this means is that he can hear thoughts; he can zero in on conversations across the world; he can see hidden details; he can hear cries for help while visualizing their direct physical context.

At first, his new powers were severely debilitating. With a new streaming connection to all of the emotional and physical activity of humanity, he could not focus. He was overpowered by human suffering. His prioritization engine broke down. The capacity of his native software was overwhelmed. …

A closer look at the code and technical considerations

I’ve been running the app, Image Sitemap for Shopify, for two years now. It works pretty sweet, lots of happy customers — and naturally, a few grumpy ex-customers too! My app currently submits over 1M images per month to Google for indexing on behalf of Shopify customers. This post will focus on Shopify sites who use JQuery, but the concepts are applicable to all sites regardless of client stack.

My three other posts about image indexing and Image Sitemap for Shopify can serve as a good intro to optimizing your site/images for indexing by Google.

  1. Introducing — Image Sitemap for…

New client-side API Helper app for Shopify removes all the bulky frontend code from Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Omnisend, and Shopify subscriptions, also create unique Shopify discount codes on the fly.

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I just launched a new app for Shopify called API Helper that simplifies AJAX email sign ups and discount code creation for Shopify. The app provides a secure frontend API that exposes access to important functions from Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Omnisend and Shopify that are not easily accessible in the browser due to CORS policies inside of Shopify themes. API Helper provides a simple callback and standard response structure for common actions like subscribe, unsubscribe, backinstock, discount.

API Helper also allows for plug-and-play or ‘hot swap’ customer sign-ups between Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Omnisend and Shopify. …

New app allows you to monitor your Google PageSpeed Insights hourly and send alerts based on key targets.

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Lessons from submitting 1 million+ images from Shopify stores to Google for indexing

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Since launching Image Sitemap for Shopify in December 2017, we have submitted over 1 million images to Google Search Console on behalf of our customers. I‘d like to share the most recent learnings from our data that can help merchants optimize their image indexing strategy.

To give some quick background, our app does the following:

  • builds a deep, content-loaded image sitemap for all of a shop’s images
  • submits that sitemap to Google Search Console
  • updates and re-submits to Google on every catalog change
  • provides 100% transparency on image indexing performance (*this is the big black hole for Shopify merchants, sometimes attributed to Shopify’s images served from their…

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Coinbase will be delivering full user account data to the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for ~ 13k customers. It’s reasonable to assume that these 13k accounts will include EVERY whale account from the United States. There are some folks who transferred very large amounts of crypto into USD in 2017, untold millions.

According to the court documents:

[The U.S. Government] requested nine categories of documents including: complete user profiles, know-your-customer due diligence, documents regarding third-party access, transaction logs, records of payments processed, correspondence between Coinbase and Coinbase users, account or invoice statements, records of payments, and exception records produced by Coinbase’s AML system. …

We open up Pandora’s box for Shopify merchants

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I launched Image Sitemap for Shopify in December 2017. To date we have submitted over 500k images to Google Search on behalf of our customers—with those customers seeing an average of 648% increase in indexed images. I started with a hypothesis about helping merchants reliably improve their Google image indexing. This hypothesis came about due to some limitations with the Shopify platform along with the massive amount of effort needed to manage large image sitemaps (or those greater than 2,000 images and 30,000 lines of XML — some of our customers’ image sitemaps contain more than 500k lines of XML). …

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Crypto crypto crypto crypto. It’s here. It’s happening in a big way, and faster than anyone can keep track.

Let’s consider two main trends in the space:

  1. Blockchain as a technology — there is a nuclear arms race for the next best blockchain.
  2. Cryptocurrency as a disrupting force—this acts to destabilize and disrupt the world’s financial and state actors.

Blockchain as a technology is largely benign and community/consumer focused. It will serve to open up more transparency and collaboration in various world markets.

Cryptocurrency as a disruptive force is starting to emerge as an ancient narrative for the digital age—i.e. unregulated ‘chaos’ vs transparent order. This is the battle between community-based autonomy, privacy and anonymity— versus transparency, compliance and stately order. …

I launched Token Spread in Oct 2017. The project came out of my adventures with different arbitrage strategies in the crypto markets. Two things have happened since the launch of Token Spread, 1) arbitrage spreads have been extremely consistent, and 2) the crypto space has continued to expand at a rate that melts my brain. When I put my head down for a couple weeks to work on new features (like Telegram integration for our spread alerts), I pop my head back out and it feels like the crypto world has passed me by all over again.

In many conversations about arbitrage, there seems to be a common opinion that arbitrage spreads will continue to tighten over time and/or disappear (i.e. be unattainable for the everyday trader). …

Finally, transparency for image SEO on Shopify.

Click here to view my app in the Shopify App Store.

Image SEO is an area for Shopify merchants that can be greatly improved. In short, I built the first app of its kind that solves all issues related to building, processing and submitting comprehensive image sitemaps in real-time. The app also provides essential reporting about indexed images—something that has been eluding Shopify merchants for some time. *Scroll down for a informative video with screencast.

I should start by saying that I think Shopify is the best. It’s the best by a long shot. Shopify did for E-commerce what Google Analytics did for reporting. It’s that good. …

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