I built the world’s fastest product reviews app for Shopify

Rapid Reviews uses the SES principle (SPEED, ENGAGEMENT, SEARCH) to improve page speed and purchase conversion (up to 5X), and it’s 5–30X faster than the competition.

William Belk
5 min readJun 7, 2022

Finding the best product reviews app for Shopify is challenging. There always seems to be a compromise between page speed, simplicity, design, features, and search (or lack thereof). Product reviews are so important — they can 2–5X your conversion rate — but only with the fastest and most engaging reviews experience.

Rapid Reviews Overview

My new Shopify product reviews app is called Rapid Reviews and I built it according to what I call the SES principle:


I want to maximize everything all the time—particularly page speed and purchase conversion.

I’m tired of constant compromises and poor performance with expensive Shopify product reviews and questions apps like Okendo, Yotpo and Ali Reviews, and newer entrants like Loox, Stamped, and Junip. Most Shopify reviews apps are slow, bloated, hard to use with, and often feel like a wart—instead of a clean and tightly integrated native feature.

I wanted a product reviews and questions & answers app for Shopify that 1) doesn’t hurt page speed and 2) provides maximum opportunities for visitor engagement — with deep search, media, likes, a clean user interface (UI), and intuitive user experience (UX).

Maximizing speed, engagement, and search is the holy grail of performance optimization—and just simply leads to more purchases.


The amount of data that Rapid Reviews sends to the browser is impossibly small, just 13K. That’s 5–30X less than competitive apps. Rapid Reviews is designed to load as fast as the browser will allow—no waiting games, no wacky animations, just pure performance.

For your future customers, how they feel interacting with your brand over time is crucial. Page speed has so many financial benefits for your online store. If you can improve your page speed and install a product reviews app like Rapid Reviews that promotes engagement and interaction (e.g. search, likes, questions, clicks, media, and more), you can transform your business overnight.

Faster pages help with every metric in your online business. By increasing page speed, we will see:

  • Visitor satisfaction, trust, and good will increase
  • Bounce rate decreases (how many people exit very near to when the page finishes loading)
  • Visitor engagement and clicks increase
  • Page views increase
  • ‘Add to carts’ increase
  • Conversion increases
  • SEO rank improves
  • Ad cost decreases

Are you maximizing page speed with your current Shopify product reviews app?


Just having a reviews app installed is not enough to maximize purchase conversion. You must maximize engagement as well. Maximizing engagement with your product reviews and questions can improve purchase conversion up to 5X.

The progression of product review conversion performance looks this:

  1. We have product reviews on our site at all (1 or more) — 50% purchase conversion increase
  2. We have a good number of product reviews (11–30) — 2X purchase conversion increase
  3. A visitor interacts with reviews (click, scroll, more, etc) — 2.5X purchase conversion increase
  4. We have many product reviews — (more than 100) — 2.5X purchase conversion increase
  5. A visitor searches within reviews — 5X purchase conversion increase

Refer to this study, it’s really great for reference. Lots of interesting observations.

Rapid Reviews is the best Shopify product reviews app for page speed, engagement and purchase conversion. Plans start at just $6 / month — with all features available, all the time, no upgrades needed. Use code medium10 on the “Support” tab of the app admin to save 10% for the life of your installation.


Providing deep search within reviews is the big win for visitor engagement and purchase conversion. As mentioned previously, it can 5X purchase conversion. Review search builds huge amounts of trust with your visitors. Every purchaser is different—making it impossible to predict which product attributes will be most important to your visitors. Search builds that additional layer of trust and social reinforcement from existing customers.

Rapid Reviews — Shopify product reviews deep search

Rapid Reviews Feature Overview

Rapid Reviews — Shopify product reviews direct capture page
Rapid Reviews — Shopify product reviews photo and video reviews

Rapid Reviews should be on your list of product reviews apps to consider. Plans start at just $6 / month — with all features available, all the time, no upgrades needed. Use code medium10 on the “Support” tab of the app admin to save 10% for the life of your installation.

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