Great writeup.
Med Ium

Sure, in the survey you will find “Your current office environment: [] Does not have enough private quiet spaces”

I exclude executives and selected others from the data set, like folks who work from home, etc. I’m obviously no scientist, but I thought a nice way to get honest answers is the anonymous survey, as folks have little incentive to fluff it or avoid organizational repercussions.

There is obviously a question to be asked like “what if these people are wrongly self-identifying as an HPE?” I find that question or assumption to be a bit patronizing in the end, as my fundamental belief is that there exist so many folks in the technical/creative industries that are dedicated to their trade/craft above all else—even if they are not respected by the organization as such.

Most of the self-identification ambiguity in the data seems to be with positions like “manager” or “director” and a correlation to years of experience.

Since publishing this series of articles, there’s been an incredible response with the survey, so the data is starting to skew more like 10 points higher, i.e. 68% of HPEs want more quiet spaces. Not sure how to address that. Time will tell.

I think the 32-42% of folks who don’t have the common issues I provide in the survey, or are not as affected by them, that’s super great. Apart from teams/orgs I’ve helped design, many cultures I’ve been involved with seem quite fragile and the exec/HPE chasm is very noticeable and ultimately tragic.

Thanks for your feedback