The Climate Cycle is Causing the Earth’s Temperature to Rise. Seriously?

The Climate

Over the past however many years Earth has been a planet, there has been cold times and hot times. The century long changes of the cold times and hot times is considered a cycle. According to Wikipedia, the climate cycle, also called climate oscillation, is the repetitive pattern of climate instances that have happened over time on Earth. This just means that, in the history of the world, there are times where the Earth is super hot and times where it is super cold. This explains climate change, right? It is obvious that we are in the midst of the “hotter” part of the cycle. This is why the ice caps are melting and there is more C02 in the atmosphere. The sky is falling and the world is coming apart. This “cycle” explanation clearly solves the problem of climate change! Just kidding.

This Would Make Sense If..

There is no doubt that climate change is happening at this exact instant. The idea that the climate cycle is causing climate change and an increase in the Earth’s temperature might make sense if the Earth was actually in the hotter stage of the cycle, but it isn’t. Typically, when a planet is in the cooling phase of the its specific climate cycle, the temperatures of that planet tend to decrease as opposed to increase. Shaun Marcott is a scientist as Oregon State. Dr. Marcott is just one of thousands of scientists who study the most pressing issue the planet is facing to this day, climate change. Dr. Marcott believes when the Earth’s orientation was changing, northern hemisphere summers became cooler which indicates that the Earth should be at the bottom of a long-term cooling trend, but it is not. Basically, the Earth should still be in the cooling phase of the climate cycle. People believe that the reason the Earth’s temperature is rising is due to the natural climate cycle the Earth has endured since its existence. A question needs to be asked. How then, if we are actually in the cooling phase of this cycle, can the temperature of the Earth be rising when it is actually supposed to be lowering? Could something else be causing an increase in temperature? It is a stretch, but maybe, just maybe something else is creating a rise in temperature and climate change!

Other Possibilities

It may be hard to believe, but there have been studies that suggest that there are other causes of climate change and increased temperatures on Earth. Studies have shown that the greenhouse effect causes the Earth’s atmosphere to retain heat. Well that is pretty darn interesting. There has been a recent (recent meaning 100 years ago) increase in atmospheric C02 due to the exhausts of cars, ships, airplanes, and other transportation devices and the burning of coal as well. Fossil fuels, as most people call them, are creating a huge amount of atmospheric CO2. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a greenhouse gas like CO2 absorbs energy from the sun and prevents the loss of heat to space. So, CO2 acts like a blanket making Earth hotter than it normally would be. Maybe the Earth is getting warmer due to this phenomenon? Actually, that makes quite a lot of sense! But what about trees? Believe it or not, trees have a huge role in climate change.

Trees are amazing. They are tall and that have huge roots that flow through the ground. They also absorb CO2! Unfortunately, trees all over the world are cut down at an amazingly rapid rate. So let’s do the math. There is more CO2 in the atmosphere than ever before. Also, there are less trees than ever before. When you add a bunch of C02, and take away a bunch of trees that absorb C02, you are left with lots of C02 in the atmosphere. This again contributes to the amazing idea that the Earth’s temperature is increasing due to C02 in the atmosphere! Still don’t believe in this? Watch the video below.

The End

So which idea makes more sense? The idea that climate change is happening due to the climate cycle, or the idea that climate change is happening due to increased C02 in the atmosphere? If you chose the C02 idea, you are a winner! It is obvious that climate change is not due to the climate cycle because if it was, the Earth would be in a WARMING period, not a COOLING one. People actually believe that the climate cycle argument makes sense… It is also obvious why the C02 argument is the best one. CO2 absorbs heat from the Sun and does not allow that heat to escape to space, therefore raising the Earth’s atmospheric temperature thus causing all sorts of weird changes in the climate. Duh.

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