Thoughts Are Spiritual While Ideas Are Mental


Someone once said that there are no new ideas, just new (or different) perspectives. For anyone to be able to make such a statement has to be able to know the difference between thoughts and ideas.

You see, you may think that they are the same, but believe me, they are not. There may not be any new ideas under the sun, but there is certainly new thoughts flying around over it [the sun].

Thoughts are like popcorn (aimless) where ideas are like the popping sound of a bullet being fired toward a target. Thoughts operate on a spiritual plane where ideas operate on a mental plane. You see, because thoughts operate on a spiritual plane, they are neither created nor destroyed, they just are.

But ideas — on the other hand — are created,developed, engineered, or cultivated on a mental plane — through our higher intellectual faculties.

“Dreamers fantasize and thinkers materialize” — William Ballard

I’ve always said that dreamers fantasize while thinkers materialize. This materializing process works on the mental plane. This is why our dreams (the subconscious level of our personality) tends to be sporadic (aimless). But it is when we wake up, that the conscious level of our personality begins trying to put the pieces of the dream together to create order.

Thoughts enter our mind at the same subconscious level of our personality, and what happens is we begin to take those thoughts and bring them up to the conscious level of our personality, where we begin to use our higher intellectual faculties as tools to start building, creating, engineering, or cultivating ordered or organized ideas.


Napoleon Hill used to use a phrase or term — of which I am pretty sure he made famous — known as “organized knowledge” and/or “specialized knowledge”. He is the one that also introduced a good bit of us to the idea of a Master-Mind.

Many have read his most famous book, Think and Grow Rich, and have learned a lot from it. But, in my personal opinion, the best of all his work can be found in The Law of Success.

Now, it is in a Master-Mind where thoughts begin to pop up like popcorn and, through the aid of harmonious co-operation among individual minds, ideas begin to take form and lock-on-target towards a definite chief aim (another phrase and idea that Napoleon Hill used quite a bit).

Now, where does “organize knowledge” fit in with all this? And what about that thing called information?

Understand this: Knowledge can be formed out of information, but information is not knowledge — just as thoughts are not ideas, but ideas are formed out of thoughts.

At a round table, where you have a Master-Mind,what you have is a group of individual minds that each bring something unique to the table. They have different views and different life experiences. And they each have gathered volumes of information in many different subjects.

But they have not only gathered this information, they have applied it in their particular field of study, which has made them experts. And through application and implementation, they have transformed information into Organized Knowledge — their own personal power.

It is the same way with thoughts and ideas. Take the Wright Brothers for example. A thought of flight travel entered (or popped into) their mind, and through the Master-Mind that they formed between themselves, they began to create and engineer ideas (through the aid of their higher intellectual faculties) as to how to take the fantasy of flight travel from the thought plane (or spiritual plane) and materialize it into the physical realm by following the law of thinking.

They began to gather as much information as they could about how to make their dream of flight travel a reality, and by taking that information and turning it into Organized Knowledge, they were able to achieve such a definite chief aim.

Now Over to You

Now, that you’ve read this article (which is simply information), and you understand and comprehend the information, you now know the difference between thoughts and ideas (and information and knowledge, for that matter).

How are you going to apply this information that you have acquired and turn it into Organized Knowledge so that you are able to strengthen your personal power and start bringing your dreams into reality?

I look forward to reading your comments below.

William Ballard is an entrepreneur, international best-selling author, speaker, thought leader, and direct-response marketing expert. William is a respected, highly regarded master copywriter whose passion is to help self-published authors get more for their hard work regardless of economic climate. His books, audio packages, membership programs, and seminars provide aspiring writers with the practical tools necessary to build their own writing businesses and help propel them towards their path to true freedom. Start Here

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