One Internet to Serve Us All

Warning: I like crazy ideas. They’re liberating.

Right now I’m thinking about a concept I call “The End of Separate Corporations”. It goes something like this: Internet + Bitcoin = Free Market of Everything (FME). Once we plug all 7+ billion humans on the planet into the collective consciousness, why do we need separate companies at all?

What-If Scenario

Assume for a minute that we had the technology to form networks of human thought and focus them on all the major problems facing the human race at any given time. Would separate and competing companies be an effective or desirable way to manage that collective intelligence?

I believe the answer to that question is no. The key insight being that companies require extra overhead that can be better handled by general-purpose software. Companies are too slow to adapt and waste too much money trying to hide that fact. At some point, we need to realize that our core problem is keeping everyone engaged, productive and happy.

Central to my thesis are a couple of observations:

  1. Jobs are an approximation of “perfect fit”
  2. People want to be paid fairly
  3. Buyers want to minimize cost

Perfect Fit

“Perfect fit” happens when employees and companies are optimally matched. The employee always gives 110% and the company loves the work she does. Unfortunately, only the very best companies can achieve anything close to perfect fit. And even then you have to deal with things like “severance packages” and “stack ranking”.

Equitable Pay

At the end of the day, we all want a fair paycheck. We contribute to society in our own ways and expect a reward commensurate with our efforts. A free market should naturally limit out-sized rewards, especially if all of the data is public (such as it is with Bitcoin).

Minimal Cost

The rise of free or nearly-free apps and services has underscored how GDP is a poor measure of what is happening to our world. As software continues to reduce the cost of everything to near zero, it seems that the next logical step is to optimize corporations out of the mix.

Next Step

Does this idea pique your interest? Am I off my rocker? Questions, comments and replies welcomed. My twitter handle is @wbic16. Thanks!