How to Choose a Third Party Logistic and Distribution Service Provider?

A number of third-party logistic, in short TPL or 3PL service providers throughout the UK, offer a wide range of warehouse services for their customers towards supply chain management. They are specialized in warehousing and distribution services for their clients starting from SME to multi-million-pound businesses. Now the question is how can you choose the right TPL for you?

What TPL service providers cover for their clients?

Before selecting a right third party logistic distribution service in UK for your business, first go through some of the following services that a TPL company covers:

· Pallet storage

· Bulk storage

· Pick and pack services

· Order fulfillment

· Stock control

· Freight management and distribution

· Unloading cargo from containers

· Cross-docking

· Reworking on the goods

· Shrink wrapping

· Reverse logistics for their customers for attaining smooth running of the business

How to choose the right TPL?

Choosing a third party warehousing and distribution services in UK is an important decision and you need to know a reliable and cost-effective solution to your logistics. Following are some tips that may help to choose right TPL that fits you the best:

· Quality of service — Often the businesspeople compromise quality with the price. If you are deeply concerned with your business capital, you should search quality logistic service provider with good repute in the market because your business logistics is your working capital and it should not be manhandled in any way. To ensure for getting a quality service you should search the following five service quality of your TPL:

· Tangibles — Attitude of the workmen, the physical facilities provided, tools and equipment used

· Assurance — The knowledge, skill, and courtesy of the TPL and their confidence level that they assure their clients

· Reliability — The ability to perform the assured service with accuracy and dependability

· Responsiveness — The TPL’s eagerness to work with the customer providing the prompt service and responds immediately to the customer’s problems

· Empathy — Personalized attention and care to the clients

· Other customer’s review — With the advent of social media platforms it is easy to know other businessmen’s review regarding the services of the TPL in question.

· Technology — If you have a customer portal, ask your TPL about their system and process to track the fleet that will give peace of mind.

· Convenience — Find whether the TPL is there where you need the warehouse for your logistic. Also, check whether they have an adequate vehicle on the location for your logistic on demand.