In the digital age, humans have become more connected than ever. People are integrating social media with their daily lives at a staggering pace. This has led caused a rise in the volume of people suffering from an addiction that no one wants to talk about and some people deny exists. This is the story of how I accidentally joined the fight against social media addiction.

I began my unwitting involvement in the fight with humble intentions. Owning an digital publication meant sharing content to Facebook almost daily, driving traffic to my website. The drawback was the sheer volume of…

If you own or manage a business, no matter the size, digital security is an important aspect of business operations. Data breaches and other security incidents can cost companies a tremendous amount of money and seriously damage their relationship with customers or clients.

Having an IT security strategy can make a massive difference and help to mitigate the risk of operating in the digital age, even if your business isn’t active online. An often overlooked segment of these strategies is how your employees work. Your staff is often the first line of defence against data breaches.

Investing time and resources…

Statistics from PageForm’s 2017 Adblock Report show that 11% of the global population is using adblocking software on their internet browsers. Although this may not seem like a lot, the number of users running adblockers increases by 30% each year.

There is a case to be made in support of using adblockers: Pages load faster; There are no more intrusive ads; And you can have more privacy (a topic that has appeared a lot following the recent Facebook privacy scandal and the new GDPR regulations).

However, there are also a lot of negative implications of using adblocking technology and these…

With the technology industry rapidly growing, there is a demand for people fluent in computer programming to develop the latest innovations and push the limits of the technology. Programming is a great field to get into, but those who think they can simply watch some coding tutorials are sadly mistaken.

Computer programming, along with most other fields in the technology space, are about more than just learning programming languages. Don’t get me wrong, it’s vital to study the syntax and concepts behind the programming language you are using. …

Wesley Branton

A Canadian computer science major with experience in website design, software development and mobile application creation. Wesley is also involved with Mozilla.

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