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Our words bless. Or our words curse. Life or death. Something to keep in mind as you start scrolling and commenting.

Moses said we could speak life or death, blessings or curses. This power, he explained, is not difficult or elusive, but “very near to you… in your heart and in your mouth.”

This is about more than speaking positive words. It’s about what we are actually creating with those words.

We’ve all experienced that sunken feeling after watching or scrolling the evening news. That feeling is a mild despondency in response to words of death. We have been cursed by a news feed that’s obsessed with violence, crime and division.

Strong words. But I believe it’s required to cut through the din and lip service being given to the pandemic and racial justice. …

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Andrew Holbrooke/LIFE Images Collection, via Getty images

In 1999, 23-year-old Amadou Diallo was shot and killed by four New York City Police Department plain-clothed officers. The incident stood out in a city somewhat desensitized to violence because 41 bullets were fired at a man who had nothing on him but a wallet.

He was also black. An immigrant from Guinea.

I was working at McCann-Erickson. We were asked to urgently help create a campaign to address the fallout, focusing on how the NYPD could recruit officers who better reflected the neighborhoods they would serve. …

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To avoid going off on a philosophical rant about how brands become meaningful, let’s start our conversation with a simple exercise…

A simple yet challenging question, because it removes what most companies resort to as a measure of their success. Profit. But being profitable just means you’re a business. Profit should be the by-product of a successful business, not its purpose.

Yet being meaningful is more than adding Purpose to Profit. …


Brian Kelly

Helping brands find meaning in a world that’s looking for it.

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