How I lost 10 pounds easily, without trying to lose weight

My experience

Recently I’ve implemented a bunch of health and productivity-oriented bio-hacks, including
* Frequent exercise throughout the day
* Intense exercise 4 times/week
* Intermittent fasting (skipping breakfast)
* Eating lots of veggies
* Blocking blue light in the evenings
A side-effect has been my losing 10lb — I’m skinny, so I’m making sure I gain this back. But others maybe be able to intentionally use my experience to lose weight
The keys to my easy weight loss are:
* Fasting (eating less frequently)
*** Controlling when you eat (frequency) is way easier than controlling how much you eat (quantity), in my experience
* Eating lots of veggies — which fill me up without providing many calories
* There are also many other tricks/practices that help, alongside fasting

What I would recommend for someone like me who wants to lose weight — (you may be different)

  1. Exercise
    Start with this — it provides huge physical and mental health benefits, will make the following steps easier/possible, and burns a few calories
    a. Stay active throughout the day:
    ** Go for a 5-min walk once/hr if you have a desk job
    ** Keeps your brain sharp, willpower high (willpower will be critical)
    ** Keeps you feeling high-energy happy
    ** Keeps revving up your metabolism!
    b. Frequent moderate exercise
    ** I.e. twice/day
    ** i.e. 15–30 min of biking for transportation, a comfortable jog or brisk walk. 
    ** Heart rate might be at 110 BPM
    c. Intense exercise 2–4 days/week
    ** Make sure to warmup cooldown
    ** Could be 10-min high intensity intervals
    ** Could be lifting weights
    ** Provides great long-term benefits

2. Intermittent Fasting — Skip breakfast, but drink tea and MCT oil

Intermittent fasting has lots of health benefits in addition to its weight loss benefits (reduce inflamation, increased longevity, neurogenesis). Read Wikipedia for more!
a. Skip breakfast and stop eating at least 3 hrs before bed.
** Start with a 10-hr window to do all your eating in (i.e. only eat between 10AM-8PM)
** Shorten this to 8 hrs after a while, then possibly to 6 or 4 hrs (I find I tolerate 8hrs no problem, but get stressed on 6 hrs)
b. Suppress your appetite while fasting
** Drink Green tea
** Drink lots of water
** Drink MCT oil (1 tsp/hr to start) — Thanks bulletproof coffee!
** Block blue light at night
** Lookup other appetite suppressants, if necessary. I had few issues with hunger.
c. Manage low blood sugar while fasting 
This is a more difficult issue for me than hunger
** Try drinking MCT oil every hour — gives your body energy from lipids and keeps it in fasting mode (Start with at most 1 tsp/hr, as may give sore stomach)
** Continue a healthy exercise routine — moderate to vigorous exercise causes your body to make energy reserves available for a little while.
** If necessary, add in some animal products (protein), oils, or green veggies, which only partly break the benefits of fasting

3. Eat lots of vegetables
This is healthy, and will help to fill you up with fewer calories — I also feel much better than when I eat a large calorie dense meal (and get tired)

a. Make 1/2–3/4 of what you eat a veggie (during your eating window)

** Don’t eat too many carbohydrate-rich root veggies
** I find frozen veggies very convenient!
b. Drink lots of water —

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