Time Management

Just watched this video about time management. It is fairly comprehensive — addressing several different aspects of time management and makes some great points!


It is important to figure out how to get through this. I took away setting up your environment for success (distractions out of the way — including computer windows! Prompts for what you should be doing). Calling someone is great for getting unstuck. I know that when I am procrastinating I am usually really into the procrastination activity, so I don’t do this — I am going to try!

Time Awareness

There is a place for flow, but you can also be doing the wrong thing very well during flow. What can you put in place to notice time passing? I take a 5-min break every half hour.

Mechanics of Planning/Tracking

This is your:

  • Calendar
  • Todo list
  • Long-term planning (priorities/goal-setting

What I realized is that the connection between my long-term planning and my calendar/todo list is very weak and unintentional!

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