Starting Back

Oh hey, there.

Good to see you.

It’s been a while for this writing thing. Too long.

But it is time to change that. Words must be written! Links must be shared! Passive voice must be overcome!

And, more importantly, I need to contribute some personal commitment and discipline to a craft long set aside.

This isn’t the beginning of a new blog…rather the continuation of one. Of several.

Some of you might remember Will’s World.

A digital world where Davidson basketball lived and thrived from 2006–08. Heck, even Will Leitch couldn’t help ripping off that oh-so-original title.

I eventually stopped writing in 2009. I reasoned that it was because I didn’t have a central focus. Or a central audience. And my Facebook following began to have fractured sports allegiances. Davidson…St. John’s…College of Charleston…and now, the Richmond Spiders.

Why would that diverse group want to read my thoughts on any of the other entities? Did I want to piss off people with my political opinions? What if no one read it? What if I’m not as funny as Lauren Biggers? These all became questions with potentially dire consequences.

Or not.

Because writing is more important. And so is sharing. And aggregating. And risking. And making Words, Phrases, Clauses into complete sentences. Because. Inspiration.

Instead of a frustrating attempt at creating a niche blog with avid readers, I will post things here that people like me will like. Simple as that. Sports, books, movies, politics, technology, more sports…These things will be here and you’ll get my take on them, and I hope you will join in the conversation.