$RUPX Rupaya (RUPX) : Not Afraid of Bears

Bearish trends are tough to handle. A lot of folks out there claim to HODL during these unfavorable times, however, in my opinion a greater number fail to hold up to the promises they’ve made to themselves. Let’s be honest almost all of cryptoland is comprised of speculation and a lot of us want to make money and fewer number of us are in it for the technological aspects.

Enter Masternodes and Rupaya! Earlier this year I came across an amazing community in Rupaya. https://www.rupx.io/ This was one of my first entries into the Masternode space. As with everything else in cryptocurrency I was a bit skeptical about investing in a masternode. I’m happy to say I’m now actually compounding my “rewards” and saving for a second Masternode! Enough of that. Let’s get to why I’m writing this article about Rupaya specifically and why it’s an important investment choice.

What is Rupaya

Rupaya sets out to help solve a problem with financial transactions in the South Asia market. There are many challenges including outdated infrastructure which affects Internet and the power grid. Rupaya is a cryptocurrency blockchain platform focused on payments and transactions. Bringing low cost and reliable transactions is the key. Financial transactions can happen in seconds thanks to SwiftTX which is built into the platform. In addition to the aforementioned here are three other aspects that really elevate it above the crowd:

The mission statement for Rupaya is

With native currency exchange, we make our digital crypto asset RUPX accessible to ordinary users and merchants.

Rupaya currently has very big plans coming in Q3 2018 including the following:

  • Point of Sale — Rupaya team will research and develop Point of Sale systems for E-commerce and brick & mortar businesses.
  • Money Transfer — Research will be conducted in the Area of money transfer, legal & regulatory requirements will be weighed in.

2019 will see two excellent moves into Fiat Exchange Research the legal & regulatory requirements to launch an exchange with trading pairs in South Asian countries. Also Rupaya will be conducting research to integrate Atomic cross-chain trading on the Rupaya Blockchain!

A Community Not Afraid of Bears: Here’s Some Proof

Let’s take a look at where Rupx sits on CMC (coinmarketcap.com)

24 Hour volume is very healthy and market cap consistently grows despite bearish sentiment in the rest of cryptoland! Let’s take a peek at a comparison of RUPX vs BTC as shown below for the same time period:

Data Shows Elite Masternodes

I’ve also managed to grab some interesting information from other sources such as Omni Analytics Group (which I highly recommend by the way! & no I’m in no way affiliated with them) The analysis focuses on three core aspects of a Masternode project, working website, a published whitepaper, and active governance. A quote from Omni is seen below. According to Omni only 13 Mastenode projects met all their criteria for a successful project. As you can clearly see Rupaya is in that very limited company with the likes of Dash, Polis, and PIVX (green column to the far left).

We’re continuing with our fundamental analysis on masternodes; this time we’ve brought it back to the VERY basics. Does the masternode coin you are interested in have a working website, a published whitepaper, and active governance? You’ll be surprised at how many have none.

Follow Omni Analytics Group on Twitter or check out their website for more of these great stats. omnianalytics.io

To sum up, if you are considering a new investment in cryptocurrency and haven’t yet invested in Masternodes I highly recommend you take a look at Rupya $RUPX.

Don’t just take my word for it though go check out the discord channel https://discord.gg/UTms9DP for more information, you’ll see just how awesome the community really is. By the way, bring your rain gear because from time to time there are massive RUPX rain storms, the generous community gives away $RUPX!!! Also @velk#8724 on discord is the RUPX marketing director is very active.

Peace out!