We Can Fund Every Single Startup. Here’s How.

You know what sucks?
When brilliant startups don’t get funded.

We found a kid who can remove arsenic from water for a fraction of the cost. That’s amazing, isn’t it? We could live in a world free of arsenic contamination. So why is it so hard for that guy to find money? If that business doesn’t get funded, what does that say about us?

We know there are enough investors in the world to eliminate funding gaps like these. And we’re determined to close them. We believe in a startup world where brilliant entrepreneurs never hear “no.” The solution is to build a trust network of entrepreneurs and investors. There’s no scarcity of great ideas. As a species we are inventive, driven to create tools to solve problems. But we need a global network of people who can identify, fund, and contribute to these ideas. That’s what we are doing at GrowthX. If we can spread an ethos of collaboration and possibility, rather than cut throat competition, we could motivate more investors and mobilize billions of dollars available to invest.

In healthcare, for example, we could cut the number of C-sections in half. By monitoring the amount of oxygen a baby is receiving, doctors could know if the baby is actually in distress, and whether or not to proceed with surgery. The technology exists but isn’t available because of funding. Certainly there is an investor in the world who wants to support this cause? Don’t you want to live in a world where malpractice lawsuits aren’t a constant threat?

It’s a question of finding the entrepreneur/investor match. So we’ve started building a database. In fact, a recent investor in GrowthX has written six follow-on checks of $6 million or more in the last six weeks. He needs to deploy $1 billion of capital into tech funds. So he’s using GrowthX to match his funds with entrepreneurs that we believe in and trust.

The world is full of Elon Musks and Steve Jobs just waiting to invent amazing things. As a global network we have the money to get there. At GrowthX we ask two questions: where is the friction and how do we remove it? Don’t you want to live in a world where imagination is our only limitation? When we’re done with GrowthX, if you’re a serious entrepreneur building something to improve our future, you’ll get funded every single time.

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