Anyone can now publish Facebook Instant Articles and even get paid. But should you?

Facebook’s Instant Articles mobile publishing platform was launched last May to host content from top tier publishers such as the New York Times, the BBC and BuzzFeed. Yesterday, Facebook announced that the same platform, complete with ad revenue sharing, will soon be available to anyone with a web page. Marketing Land explained the basics of Instant Articles, in which publishers take the uncomfortable step of placing content on Facebook’s servers to create a richer, faster user experience within the Facebook app.

Instant Articles may not be for everyone. TechCrunch explained the restrictions that Facebook places on publishers and Buzzfeed took a sobering look at the economics that small publishers might face.

Still, additional rich organic exposure on Facebook can only be a good thing. Econsultancy provided “what publishers need to know” and full details can be found in the Facebook Developers section.

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Reprinted from the Feb 18 issue of Who’s Blogging What, a weekly newsletter that keeps thousands of digital marketer up to date and informed on all of their marketing options.