Well, 4 months later, Liam is now back and better than ever before. It has certainly been a long journey bringing Liam back with multiple devs working on him and numerous issues popping up along the way. We have spent countless hours working on bringing this bot back and we are so excited to be able to share it with you guys once again! This is a very special day for us and we hope you can join in on the enthusiasm!

We have had to completely rebuild the bot from scratch so this means your server will need to…

Hey everyone,

Welcome to our month in review for February as well as January as we didn’t do one then. I hope you had an awesome February for you and your community and we also hope it was successful for you. We have done a whole heap of cool things which we are so excited to share with you all to help thrive your community.

Social Media

The last couple of months we have been working hard behind the scenes on our social media image and working on growing our following on those platforms. We are posting daily tips and tricks as…

Hey everyone!

Rory here from the AYS Management Team here to give you an update on our new version of our Discord Bump Bot, Liam!

About a month ago, Discord introduced new rules regarding the verification of bump bots and join for join bots prohibiting them from allowing a currency system to increase your ad’s placement which means we can no longer offer autobump or shorter cooldown so instead we opted for a more visual approach to premium.

So, we rebuilt the bot from scratch and we are ready to show you how it works!

In order to set up…

Hey everyone!

We’ve always had a policy at AYS of protecting user’s individual privacy when it came to moderation action against them, in line with what Discord does. We have decided to create a bi-annual transparency report which outlines the amount of bans and what they were caused by. Our hope is to be able to bridge the gap between our moderation team and community to show how we enforce our rules and why members get banned. In future editions we hope to have more data such as server infractions and mutes.

First off, you may be wondering what a…

Today marks the 4th birthday of AYS! It has been a long journey to get to this stage but it is amazing that we have managed to get here and there is so much more awesome stuff to come!

AYS has helped hundreds of thousands of communities grow and thrive on the internet and we have loved every moment of it. Helping communities is our passion and it is the most rewarding thing ever.

Getting to see communities go from nothing up to the hundreds of thousands of members is the best thing ever and we can’t wait to keep…

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Hey guys, it is time to bring up the AYS newsletter! Today we are going to be looking at natural and unnatural growth and the difference between these two discord growth phenomena.

What is natural growth for servers?

Natural growth for a discord server means that the discord server is growing through natural means, for example, a server owner (or staff member) advertises a server to a listing server such as AYS, or be bumped onto the network through a bump bot (like Liam) and gaining members that way. This is a much slower process, but members tend to be…

Hey there,

Welcome back to another blog post from AYS. It has been a while since we have released an update of this size but there is so much that we have finally finished working on that we can’t wait to share with you.

As it is also pride month, we have updated the AYS Server Icon in support of the month!

Small Servers is Back

After being down for well over a month, the Small Servers program is back and now better than ever before.

Hey everyone!

As you may have recently noticed we have been starting to phase out our ays.network domain for our new ays.gg domain over on our URLs, short links, Discord Server and other places where we share links. There are still a few places that need to be updated so if you see an out of date URL hit us up and we will get on top of it. …

Discord’s 6th birthday just passed, and a lot has changed over those 6 years for the better. Discord has become a place where individuals have been able to come together to build communities over topics they are passionate about and in the 6 years a lot has changed. I can still remember back to the days when channel categories didn’t exist and you had to use channel dividers that were actual channels to keep everything separated.

Discord’s 6th birthday was celebrated by Project Blurple which we participated in this year. Project Blurple is a group project by large server owners…

A partnership program can be a great way to expand your community by working with other Discord servers to advertise each other. It can be an awesome way to gain members but also network and meet like-minded community leaders. Though, a partnership program doesn’t suit everyone's server so you need to make sure it is what you really want. In this article, we will discuss if you should start a partnership program and the potential benefits/disadvantages.

The Benefits of a Partnership System

There are a lot of benefits to starting a partnership system. Here are some that may interest you.

  • The ability to meet new people…


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