“Books fall open, you fall in.”

The Hiding Place, by Corrie ten Boom is a book based on a true story about the Holocaust and the Barbarianism of Word War II. It is focused on the family’s strong faith in the Lord. During World War II, many families lost their faith after all the suffering and deaths they saw. Corrie lived with her sister Betsie and with her father. The family owned a watch making and repair shop.

In our required prompt it states, “books fall open, you fall in.” To me, that means as you open the book and begin reading, you immediately are interested in what the author is saying. As soon as I began reading The Hiding Place, I loved it. I thoroughly enjoy reading stories about the Holocaust, especially ones based on a true story. When Corrie ten Boom wrote this book, she wrote it so that it would get almost any readers attention. I like how the family has such strong faith.

As you continue to read The Hiding Place, you begin to find out the watch shop gets their parts from Germany. The Germans began to get kicked out of their businesses, and then they got jealous of Corrie’s watch shop. Well soon after, the Germans invaded and took control of the country. Corrie, being the head of the Resistance, was sent to a concentration camp for not following the rules.

The author has shown that sticking with your faith in the Lord will help you overcome almost anything. The Hiding Place shows the family’s faith to God through the good and bad. The family put themselves in danger to help save other Jews.

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