All you need is faith in your self

This is about me. who am i and what happened to me for last 28 years.

When I was 2.5 years old I had an accident and lost my right hand. After that I did not realize that I don’t have a hand until I became nearly 14 years old. And that time I saw how people react on me. I’m saying this after some time i can read people’s eyes. I mean basically how they are looking at me. Are they paying mercy or just smiling with me.

And I never got upset or any hard feeling about what they think about me. I don’t know why but it never crossed my mind that time. I played cricket and athletics for my school and achieved so many things in that time. Even though I was lucky to have those talents, In my mind I hadn’t a chance to feel young love. It’s funny that I never want to be in a relationship in younger age. But my all friends did. So now I’m don’t regret about that time, because I had lot of achievement while my friends busy with their Girlfriends.

After I finished my school( in Sri lanka he have to pass the Advance Level to go to the Universities) I didn’t get a chance to go to a Government university. So I applied for Private university and able to get Bsc. Degree on Information technology from Curtin University of Technology. That was the biggest achievement in my life become a Software Engineer.

When my life going differently than others I met a girl who can put me back in the normal track. And that was my first love. Even though I didn’t know about how love but I did it in all my heart. And she never ever looked at me like other people even the day we met 1st time. So it went for 3 years and until her mother came to the story. Just like I expected she said “No” to me and warned us to stop the relationship. To be honest I thought that she will never leave me. But it end with after one month of her mother’s warning. I learnt one thing in that. You can be the best lover in this world or best person. But appearance matters. Even though you have talent in many paths it still matters. That was the one point I learnt from that.

So I waited so many years thinking about what happened to me. And with in that period I graduated from the University. And one day after graduation I was in front of the mirror and thought what the hell am I doing? why should I waste my life thinking what others think about me. After that day I never let other people to let me down in any ways. And enjoyed my life doing what I actually like to do. In that time I was so happy and willing to do anything to make my life happy. Sometimes its not a good idea to do so. But It worked.

And some girls came to my life after 3 years from broke up. I tried to have a good relationship but all got fail to my disability. Even though they leave me saying their excuses, I believed in one thing in my life “If you are worth then they will do anything to keep you.” So now I’m really happy that they leave me like that. The only regret I have now is I did right things for wrong people. But I don’t think its a regret it was just a feeling in my mind until I met Shalika. The true love of my life.

Shalika, I really don’t know how to describe her. She is the female side of mine. She was a friend of my Sister in law. I met a her once in my home. But it was nearly 5 years back and didn’t have clue that she will be my loving wife. And I really don’t remember her face at that time. But I sent a friend request from my FB account and she accepted it. That’s how we start out friendship. To be honest when I was with her it’s really like magical moments. And really don’t remember how time passed. some times we are talking 4 am in the morning and again I wanna talk to her in the morning. I knew that I will never have her. A girl who is beautiful, very social, funny and intelligent will never accept a person like me. All I can do is enjoy the moments I’m having with her that time. She knew that I cared about her and she did the same. After some time I told her about my feelings and she thought that was a joke. And I made it like that way because I knew that will never going to work.

But with time I wanted to leave her friendship. Because it’s hurting me that loving her knowing I will never have her. But when I tried to do that she didn’t let me go. With her past relationship she told me she is not going to marry anyone so I can be friends with her if I willing to do that. So that’s how we became so close each other. Eventually I’m falling love with her day by day. I felt that she is doing the same. For person like me that was the greatest feeling that can have. Actually I never felt something like before. And one day everything blows up. She told me that I can love her if I want. What actually I was doing that time. But she needs some time to do the same. I agreed on that and it turned out going out dinners and shopping and all other crazy stuff. She took care of me no one ever did in my life(Except my mom and family).

Those were magical moments in my life. As a disable person I’m getting love from the person I really love. I’m so lucky to have that feeling. Actually I thought that I can die in peace now. Trust me all my “Right things to done for wrong people” turn out that the person I love, loving me same like I do. But actually I was wrong. She is loving me more than I loved her. And every time I think about that It’s giving me tears. Knowing that I’m not worthy to have it. But still she is doing that. Even now. She gave up everything and said Yes to my propose. That was the best day in my life. I don’t think it won’t replace with anything. Even though her parents gave up on us, Now we got their blessing. And we are the happiest couple in the earth.

True Love exist in this world. You need time and the patient to make it work. I respect her more than anyone in this world. Not because she gave me chance to live a normal life But she gave me the feeling that there is some one who loves you more than you know.

~This is the story of my Life~