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How To Become Successful at Anything

You can probably find a boatload of books and articles and lectures and speeches on how to become successful. We have listicles (good god, that’s a word now) of what successful business people do so that we can start doing those things. That will make us successful, right? If I just wake up early, I’ll become a successful…

Basic Income, Twitter, and Cake

It’s all about the icing

Switzerland is going to vote on a referendum soon that would guarantee every adult citizen roughly $2,800 (USD) per month. This is called a basic income. Its goal is to level the playing field and allow everyone to go through society on the same foundation and limit wealth inequality. It brings a large number of…

Just Do It

The secret to everything

I've read article after article, blog post after blog post, about a number of connected things. Productivity, success, happiness, to-do lists, inbox zero. They all have some secret way to achieve all your goals. Many of them are actually great in theory. Some are simple and make sense,others are maybe a little more complex, but genius.

People and Their Devices

I keep seeing more and more posts about people glorifying using phones from 10 years ago. They say they’re not distracted. That they can fully enjoy life. Yeah, until you need to find directions because you’re lost.

A lot of my favorite minimalism bloggers talk about the “dangers” of using smartphones and letting them take over our lives. But they…

The Misuse of Social Media

Or why companies are doing it wrong

If you use social media as a way to generate sales leads, you’re a scumbag.

If you’re still with me, I’d like to explain that viewpoint a little.

Social media as a tool for companies, brands, etc should focus on three things: Marketing, PR, and Customer Service. Why…


Today we celebrate our nation’s founding. We declared independence from Great Britain and laid the foundation for a country built upon the ideals that spawned from the Enlightenment…

Minimalism is Honesty

Bruce Lee was a machine. He sculpted his body into a weapon. But his definition of martial arts struck a chord with me when I was watching his “lost” interview with…

Medium in Education

Over the last year or so we've seen countless efforts to reform education through technology. MOOCs, Khan Academy, and others have made huge strides in making education easily accessible for not just kids in the US, but around the world as well.

I applaud their efforts and hope that more people continue to adopt their use, but I believe we've overlooked a…