Again the hopeless pessimist in me is talking, but elites never truly abdicate without massive…
Dustin Briscoe

Just because the result will not be pretty, and I agree with you; it won’t be, does not mean it should not be done.

I believe, as Caitlin does, that things can be different this time because it truly is only about the narrative. Making people aware that they are in fact being manipulated could help people choose to think for themselves. However, I also believe that admitting that life long beliefs are wrong is one of the hardest and most self reflective, painful, scary, and rapturous moments a soul can go through. Experience speaking here.

It can be too much for some to set down their old credentials and step across the gulf into the unknown future, no matter how much sense it makes.

That is why the message must be relentless, united, and from as many angles (The enemy of my enemy is my friend.) as possible. The majority will not make wise choices. They will make choices that they believe will make them fit in.

The message must be big enough and broad enough for the masses to believe it is the communal will.

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