History and Future of Sports Betting

The first signs of online betting began about 16 years ago. Thousands of online betting sites later, it has become a popular activity all over the world to people who have Internet access. Sports betting is a specific type of betting that has been around for thousands of years in different variations. But unfortunately, there has been political intervention trying to limit sports betting and determine what constitutes sports betting. The government’s position on the subject is constantly evolving, trying to decide if there is enough positives to overlook the negatives. In the U.S., it is illegal except for in the four individual states: Nevada, Delaware, Montana, and Oregon.

With all this being said, countries around the world have different stances on the subject of sports betting legalization. Governments take different stances on sports betting in four different ways: actively allow, passively prohibit, actively follow, and actively prohibit. According to the UNLV Gaming Research & Review Journal, of 64 countries polled there was evidence of the majority countries treating sports betting as passively allowing. The second leading stance was actively allowing sports betting by the governments. So does this mean that sports betting in the U.S. should follow suit with so many other countries?