Would You Bet on the Commonwealth?

There is an estimated $80-$380 billion dollars bet illegally in the U.S. annually. Around 1% of revenue generated from betting is found to be legal. In 2014, around 1% of bets made during the Super Bowl were legal. Of all these statistics, wouldn’t it make sense to reap the benefits of a portion of this money rather than not see it at all? In 1992, PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) was created in the U.S. to stop sports betting. The reasons for this law were due to keeping the integrity of the game and try to reduce criminal activity. Unfortunately, this law has only had the adverse effect it was supposed to have. Currently, states are allowed to legalize sports betting on the state level. States such as Montana, Oregon, Delaware, and Nevada are the only states currently with legal gambling laws.

Legal sports betting is found in countries all over the world including Canada and Australia. Betting in general happens in every country worldwide but many do not reap the possible benefits due to fear of forming gambling addictions and harm to integrity of athletic competition. The truth is that sports betting happens anyways, but the country and states do not benefit or see the revenue that could come of it. ITS TIME TO LEGALIZE SPORTS BETTING!