Why is hiring broken? It starts at the whiteboard.
Quincy Larson

If you happen to interview for a company who actually wants to see you code, you can feel confident that they really understand development. My best experiences were with code pairing & take home projects that upon completion you had the opportunity to explain your thought process for the code.

I’ve also been through whiteboard interviews where 4 different teams came in and out of the room with their own set of questions, and each team fires away at you until you can’t recreate something from memory on the board. When I got stuck I asked for a little hint, but was only offered a stoic stare in return. I walked over to the desk and just googled the answer on my laptop. This brought out a robust laugh from one of the developers who got up and left the room. In the end I “wasn’t a culture fit”, and I’m glad. I’m sure there wasn’t a developer in that room who didn’t have to google something at one point in their careers.

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