How I Got My Attention Back
Craig Mod

Did you know that among primates in the wild there is a social structure to their attention? During environmental conditions where there is easy availability of food and low threat due to the availability of easy escape or simply the lack of predators the entire tribe relaxes into what is known as a Hedonic attentional structure. There eye gaze wanders, they play with sticks and invent tools, the females are able to attend to the needs of the infants, they groom one another. When their environment is perceived as threatening and food is more scarce they don’t necessarily spend more time scanning the environment, they spend more time paying attention to where the leader is as well as their immediate status superior and status inferior.this has the effect of keeping the tribe in close proximity to one another moving as a cohesive group. So much of their attention is taking up in the status considerations that they pay very little attention to the needs of the infants, they stop grooming one another and they do not have the attention necessary to creatively discover new uses for tools. Physically they are in a state of stress and tension. If an individual gets too far away from a status superior that individual risks being attacked.The same attack can be triggered by getting too close to his status superior. When people use the phrase “allowing someone to rent space in your head” I believe they usually mean that someone has made them fearful and insecure and thereby occupies their attention even when that person is not in the media can amplify this phenomenon.