Trusting strangers

In my first post I shared that I commuted two hours a day to earn a Computer Science degree from the University at Buffalo (one hour there and one back).

One of these commutes still sticks out to me: I was driving on the highway during heavy fog. If I was alone on the highway that day, I wouldn’t have made it.

Fortunately, I could just make out the car in front of me.

I was able to navigate through the fog by using the person in front of me as a point of reference. That person was able to navigate by using the person in front of them, and so on.

We all safely navigated otherwise undriveable conditions because of our unspoken reliance and trust on one another.

There will be times in life when all you can do is trust the people around you to keep moving forward — and that’s okay.

Sometimes it’s your family,

sometimes it’s your coworkers,

and sometimes it’s strangers on a foggy commute.

— Wes

One of my goals is to create more art. To achieve this goal I’ve decided that I’m going to create an image for every new blog post I write. While this is largely an effort to re-learn the adobe suit and get back into sketching, I chose to create the above scene using matchbox cars, cotton balls, toothpicks, paper towels, and some sticky notes.

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