Walking along the city street

Passing by people — old, young, male, female,

Hipsters, blue collar workers, dreamers.

For a fraction of a moment we all intersect on the pavement grid.

No one catches an eye but we all breathe in and out the

Scents of lower Manhattan, not entirely unpleasant.

The slanted sun lights up our path as we wend and bend around obstacles: human, animals, metal,

Oblivious to the galactic moment of existing together, breathing, feeling the sun, the pavement under our feet.

We go separate paths to death, hopefully with joys before us but also sorrows, and missed chances.

Like now:

To see the astonishing fact of our own existence, here now alive burning with boredom of the quotidian daily routines,

To bear witness to one another that yes! I existed! You lived!

And yet shadows to the presence of God amidst.

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