Notes on synergy, network effects, and ecosystems

A first-principle formalism of a high-level technology strategy that enabled Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Uber to dominate markets. Co-authored by Niraj Pant. discussion, Niraj and I geek out over ecosystems
“Two telephones can make only one connection, five can make 10 connections, and twelve can make 66 connections.” — Wikipedia

Google’s Ecosystem

Just a slice of Google’s current consumer-facing ecosystem

Incremental improvement is guaranteed to be obsolete over time…a big part of my job is to get people focused on things that are not just incremental…Investors always worry, “Oh, you guys are going to spend too much money on these crazy things.” But those are now the things they’re most excited about — YouTube, Chrome, Android.

Amazon’s Ecosystem


Other Ecosystem Case Studies



UIUC ’17 — — aspiring ____________?

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