WCX is Coming

We’re excited to announce that WCX will be launching to everyone on May 13.


WCX will launch with five markets, including ETH/BTC and LTC/BTC. Immediate order book liquidity will be available thanks to our market maker partners.

0% Maker Fees

We’re pleased to announce that WCX will have 0% maker fees for all markets, forever. This incentivizes participants to add liquidity which results in deeper books, lower spreads, and healthier markets for everyone. Taker fees are just 0.1%, regardless of your trading volume.

This fee structure makes WCX up to five times less expensive than existing digital currency exchanges.

WCX Token Sale

The WCX token sale also begins on May 13, during which you’ll be able to buy X Tokens (XT), WCX’s native crypto tokens. XT is a deflationary cryptocurrency specifically designed for WCX and benefits from a continuous buy back and burn program that reduces its supply.

WCXT are redeemable for XT at a fixed rate of 1 WCXT = 10 XT. If you own WCXT, make sure you sign up with the same email you used to acquire WCXT to migrate your WCXT balance into XT.

To reward early buyers and holders of WCXT, XT’s starting sale price is set to 0.04 USD. This is equivalent to 4x the value of WCXT based on the redeemable rate of 1 WCXT = 10 XT (WCXT’s price was 0.10 USD).

More details and instructions about the token sale (and a few other things we’ve got in store) will be made available at launch time.

We’ll be announcing the launch and token sale on our Twitter, Blog, Telegram, and LinkedIn. Follow us to get the latest updates.

With over 1.6 million people signed up for WCX, we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. We’re almost there — see you at the launch!

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