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Dear Aegeus Community,

this is my article for the competition.

I don’t want to write something about „How I know Aegeus“, make a review or make a quotation about things who was written in the Whitepaper. I will show you my minds where you need data storage, somethimes with a little story. Maybe I will not win a price, but I will show where you all could need this storage, also in areas where you maybe don‘t thought about it and at the end I will also add some thoughts about my messenger idea. Forgive me for my bad English, I am from Germany.

I. Art

You know, I am from Germany, so I was the last weekend at Stuttgart and 10–20 km from Stuttgart was exhibition about the dead artist James Rizzi and I was inside this exhibition.


So I was there and talk to the person, who has the most Rizzi pictures (all pictures are over thousands of dollar worth) and he also was the organizer. He told: „Wir machen von jedem einzelnen verkauften Bild einen Scan, also ein hoch qualtitatives Bild“ translated it means, „We make from ever sold picture a scan, that means a high quality picture“. He told me that he needs the pictures for copies from pictures.

So this is the first possible operation area for Aegeus. All art gallerys make scans and pictures from ever sold pictures. Now we have the problem that all scans are on one centralized storage.

One bypass and all datas are away and to remember you, one copy from Rizzi has the worth of around 2.000 Dollar, now have 700 pictures and take them x2000. Alone this sum is 1.400.000 loss if this happens. Declared some pictures are also double or three times there, but it is still a big sum.


Again one story from Germany and the big city Cologne. There fall in the city archiev and thousends of old papers are away, forever.


There is also a trial, but this isn‘t so important. More important is, what would happens, if they stored their datas in a decetralized storage, like Aegeus data storage. All datas would be here and all would „just“ mourning about two dead people.

However I am sure you know some things about history, like second war, america independent etc.

That‘s the reason why history could be the second operation area.

III. Food and electronics

At this moment, while i write this article I have one monitor, a mouse, a keyboard, an IPad, a camera and an ice tea on my desk. What combines these things? First of all all most of these things are really expensive, without the ice tea and the mouse :D . Second thing all the software, hardware and ingredient are a secret. They all store their datas about hardware and software again on a centralised storage, maybe without Cola, I heard they have their formal just on a paper and this paper is in a trezor.

However, without Cola are all of these firms, like Pepsi^^ , hackerable, so why shouldn‘t they get hacked and sometimes it also happens like Playstation some times ago. Decentalised storage is very hard to hack and when they, the devs, implement a very good encrypting software, I don’t see any obstacle, why they don’t switch to a safer system. Also to save their datas from the competitor like AMD vs Intel, Cola vs Pepsi or

Xbox vs Playstation.


Well, who watched my more or less good video, knows that I wish, that the devs make a own paid messenger for the business sectore. Some could cry, why for this sector? I say, for this sectors, because the law are getting storger and this already started in Germany. People aren‘t allowed to write over WhatsApp or Telegram over their costumers to save their datas. Now they have the big choice, I think (because i forgot the number) three messenger. All costs over 800 dollar for a 30 person firm.

What was now my idea?

Aegeus should make a safe messenger for this sectore. The advantage ist hey could implement some very cool features, like connecting your wallet with your messenger and make „/send 300“ in a chat with a friend and then it send 300 AEG to this friends connected wallet.

Moreover the devs could implement a cool feature with his partner.

For example you have Amazon as partner, then you could start a chat with an Amazon bot and write: „Overwatch“ (this is a pc game), then writes the Bot back a price how much it costs in AEG of course. The person, who wrote the bot, now write again for exmaple „/send 1000“ for the game and after the bot received the AEG, which takes only 60 seconds, you will get the Steam Code for Overwatch.

But this is just an idea and I love the idea with the messenger ^^.

I hope you enjoy my minds and see now how big is the marcet and see the potential from Aegeus.

I hope my English wasn’t too awful.

Best regards Mifor258

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