The Scene I Wanted in The Force Awakens

Would love for this to have been the next-to-last scene in The Force Awakens, but it would also work as the opening scene of Episode VIII. It essentially would help move Kylo’s character from this confused emo-like guy who, in the end, gets his ass kicked by a girl (that’s not a gender smear — she had only just learned the ways of the force like five minutes before), to one worthy of standing in the shadow of Darth Vader. (And OK, he was fighting Rey after getting shot, so we’ll give him a pass on that one count…maybe.)

The premise of the scene below is based on Han’s last words to his kid — that Snoke would likely do away with Kylo once Snoke’s goals were achieved. Did my best to emulate script formatting (dialogue would normally be centered).


Snoke’s hologram looms over Kylo.

The girl escaped.

She is strong with the force, but still a Padawan at best. I will show her the way.

Find her and kill her, like the other Jedi.

As you wish, my master.

The death of your father has made you stronger, coursing with the energy of the dark side.

Enlightened by the darkness.

Snoke nods, as if bestowing his approval upon a blossoming apprentice.

KYLO (continued)
Though flawed, my father was a man of worldly wisdom, and I’ve decided to heed some of his last words of advice.

What words?

Kylo presses the button on a device he holds in his right hand.


A Star Destroyer FIRES its cannons upon a planet below.


Snoke stands from his throne to peer out of a window. The approach of a fiery plasma fills the darkened sky. He ROARS with rage.


Snoke’s projection flickers as the cannon fire DEMOLISHES the lair. Slabs of stone rain down upon him. The transmission finally cuts.

Kylo closes his eyes, breathes deep and trembles, as if currents of power surged under his skin. His eyes open, blazing red… Now he is the master.

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