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Motherhood inspires awe

I can only imagine how amazing it would be to give birth. The act of your body creating life, the commitment to another beyond self, the understanding of the risk, the sheer altruistic energy involved, it is all amazing. I am forever in awe of this ability that moms share.

The mother-baby bond is universal.

I have watched the eyes of females acknowledging pregnancy in others. Those eyes reach out, they empathize, they understand. Those eyes see the body changes, some wanted, others not so much, and they accept. They just get it like few males can every truly comprehend.

Above all else, females understand the sheer strength of the unfettered love offered to their offspring, their baby. From the moment of awareness of conception, through the trials of pregnancy, to the pain of birth and commitment to keep their baby safe, they love their baby forever.

A female instinctively understands the need to offer her milk to her baby. She will change life habits in order to provide the best for the innocent life she helped bring into this world. She understands instinctively that her milk is needed by her baby to help him or her grow into a healthy adult.

It would be entirely normal if you stopped here to reconsider the first four paragraphs before continuing and realize that you likely read those paragraphs understanding that I spoke of human females. This is entirely due to conditioning and the truth is that you would be wrong. That is social conditioning in action, helping you maintain a comfortable mind-space.

Shed that conditioning. All mothers love their babies. All mothers grieve for their lost babies, before or after birth. All mothers of all species. A dairy cow deserves your empathy, and every human mother should understand this truth. Thank you for reconsidering your kitchen and life choices. Not Your Mom Not Your Milk: #NYMNYM, #DitchDairy.

Thank you, drew..

ps: if you would like to help spread awareness:

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