She Ain’t No Dummy, or is she?

A mind that suffers no normalcy bias has real perspective..

The recent videos of Hillary Clinton apparently suffering a health “episode” and being helped into a waiting van has all the hallmarks of a false-flag event. Speculation has been rising at a fevered pitch of late as to the state of her health, with many angles of discussion being played out on social media platforms. What is apparent is that Hillary’s handlers are acutely aware of her troubles. If these people do nothing else, they plan for contingencies. Given the ever-increasing coughing fits, stumbles, confusion, seizure-like moments and unflattering wardrobe choices that are clearly aimed at concealment, one has to wonder.

Watch the two released videos carefully, and perhaps prime yourself by watching “Weekend at Bernie’s”. Watch her body, watch her body not move. Watch her hands that are clasped quite high behind her back, a position which takes additional strength to maintain. Watch how no part of her body falls out of alignment even as she falls forward.

And most damning of all, watch how the angle of her head and neck do not waiver, despite her seemingly being almost into a fainting spell. No person in such a condition will fall forward and maintain the strength to hold their head rigidly aligned, nobody, not even Bernie (the movie Bernie, and not the cheated Bernie). Now consider that there just happened to be two videos available immediately, both shot from mirror angles behind Hillary, at a safe distance, with these angles not allowing anyone to zoom in on “her” face. Can you imagine somebody not trying to move forward, not talking, not jiggling around for a better “once-in-a-lifetime” video? In this world of everyone wanting the next viral video, this alone should prove how this is staged.

Let me be explicitly clear: Hillary-B is not a living human, but some sort of packable mannequin, capable of being used as a last-resort attempt at “dodging the bullet”.

No, Hillary’s handlers planned for this, brought in Hillary-B, dressed in the same outfit, as an escape plan. She suffered some kind of event that would have likely ruined her handler’s dreams for the White House, and Plan-B was put into place. By breaking protocol with not having a vehicle ready and waiting, the videographers were given enough time to get these “lucky” videos out.

This was a new class of false-flag. It was meant to save the ass of a losing politician who is the last hope of a set of handlers who prefer to stay out of the limelight.

ps: for the record: I prefer to be wrong in this theory, so feel free to prove it false.

{Originally penned Sep11–2016, shortly after videos of Hillary being spirited away in a van appeared on mainstream media}