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This was an exceptionally well-written article. It follows the theme of a post i dropped a short while ago, which i will paste here, if you don’t mind:

{from this Facebook page}

“Dear Vaxxed Producers:
I have a growing wonderment regarding the need to show Vaxxed within paid-for theatres. I fully understand the need to recoup costs, generate revenue etc but this is in an entirely differing category. This could CHANGE the very nature of the oligarch’s control on vaccines, rendering them impotent.
There are MILLIONS worldwide fighting vaccines, BigPharma and the oligarchs. Why not trust them, fire up a kickstarter for support, and release Vaxxed to the internet for free?
Like Michael Tellinger implores those driven to remove reliance on fossil fuels: if you are close to a working prototype for endless energy or something similar: release it freely, you will reap your own reward for doing so. Vaxxed is of a similar nature.
If ONE child is saved in the next few weeks because of the free viewing, then the effort will be worth it. If not, every day, every newly poisoned child will be forever harmed.
Think strongly about this, please.”
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