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পোষাক মেলা (The Dress Show) is an exploration of Hamtramck’s Bangladeshi community through the lens of its cultural dress shop owners.

Intersecting narratives of the immigrant experience, entrepreneurship, faith and place are presented through sound and documentary-style photojournalism.

View the audio stories we captured below. And to see the shops we visited go here.

A language other than English is spoken in more than 60 percent of households in the City of Hamtramck.
For many of the dress shop owners Michigan offered a promise of jobs but their dreams were cut short by the 2007 financial crisis
Meet Ismael & Ibrahim, brother and owners of Caniff Gift & Variety. When things turned bad, decided to open a dress shop in Hamtramck.
While I was visiting Caniff Gift & Variety, I noticed a younger customer with her mother. Most young Muslim girls wear a traditional scarf which covers the head and neck called an hijab, but she told me that on that day she decided to fully cover by wearing a garment called an abiya.
. In fact, there were very few dress shops we came across that were owned by a woman. Shaheda Ahmad is the owner of Al-Hishaam International. We never got a chance to meet her, but we did meet her husband Fariq

This photo series was originally displayed at Public Pool Art Space, a part of Hamtramck’s broad and diverse community. Hundreds of people from Hamtramck and elsewhere were able to experience public radio storytelling in a new and dynamic way.

Now, we are happy to bring The Dress Show to the Islamic Society of North America Convention. To learn about the shops we visited go to

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