‘THE SEA-ROVERS AND CORSAIRS of the 18th century created an “information network” that spanned the globe: primitive and devoted primarily to grim business, the net nevertheless functioned admirably. Scattered throughout the net were islands, remote hideouts where ships could be watered and provisioned, booty traded for luxuries and necessities. Some of these islands supported “intentional communities,” whole mini-societies living consciously outside the law and determined to keep it up, even if only for a short but merry life… I called the settlements “Pirate Utopias.”’

So said Hakim Bey. In 2009, when the article below was first published on the Made by Many blog, it seemed a good time to re-read T.A.Z, The Temporary Autonomous Zone (Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism) by Hakim Bey. With a pandemic all around us, it feels like the T.A.Z.s should be opening up again. …


William Owen

@wdowen: Founder @madebymany

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