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Thinking of hiring an agency to build your dream app?

We bet you’ve already had a debate with your team and weighed the pros and cons.

We don’t blame you for taking this decision seriously — after all, there are tons of horror stories about collaborations gone sour, so the extra time and research certainly doesn’t hurt.

Before you go full steam ahead and sign on the dotted line, you have to be able to differentiate a great agency from an average one, lest you partner with the wrong development team — a mistake that even some of the best companies make. …

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The market for ecommerce apps is ever expanding. In fact, the growing demand among users has forced even small businesses to make an app part of their offering.

Not only do users prefer apps to mobile sites, but statistics also show conversion rates are three times higher in apps than on the mobile web, with over 67 percent of sales happening in-app. But that’s not all. Another study found that mobile app users spend twice as much time shopping as website users do.

But despite the increased consumer demand for mobile apps, ecommerce companies that offer apps still battle low engagement and retention, stifling their growth. …

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Online grocery shopping is the fasting growing retail sector in the U.S.

TV and movie streaming services are giving satellite and cable television a serious run for their money.

We are getting one-day delivery service through Amazon, hiring neighbors to complete our home chores, streaming music, and booking massages in our homes.

The on-demand economy is getting stronger, and it’s certainly disrupting more traditional business models.

As BIA/Kelsey reports, “Local on-demand services reached 5.1 percent penetration of the addressable market in the U.S. …


Bill Wilson

Co-Founder & CEO at SalesRight | Founder & Board Chair at MindSea

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