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Digital Marketing Ideas, Tips, Guidelines & Services for Dentists in INDIA

Digital Marketing for Dentists in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and all over India

Strategy for Dentist’s Digital Marketing

Strategy 1 — Build Trust

This digital marketing strategy for dental clinics can be implemented through various channels like Local SEO, Website SEO, Paid Advertising and Social Media. When formulating the strategy for Digital Marketing for Dentists, the trick is to address the “problem” area. As it is evident from the stats mentioned above most people suffer from dental issue of one kind or the other. Present yourself as the “problem solver”. The key to generating leads for a dental clinic is by building TRUST. When you communicate with your target audience using these digital platforms, you build trust. Social Media Branding is good exercise to build trust, using your and your staff’s photo boosts the branding campaign.

Strategy 2 — Establish 2-Way Communication

Make sure you communicate two-way with your audience and that you respond to their queries. Encouraging your audience to speak up on one-to-one basis is a good plan, it maintains your audience’s privacy and a communication is established. Ask your patients to give you a good rating and an elaborate review on various digital platforms.

Strategy 3 — Focus on Dental Treatments

Elaborate all the dental treatments that you offer, such as — teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, root canal, tooth extraction, dentures, fillings etc. Since Dentistry is are “local” service — focus on local digital marketing [Google My Business, Local Social Media Marketing, SEO with Local keywords].

Strategy 4 — Spread Valuable Information

Offer informative content to your audience. Provide them valuable tips about maintaining good oral hygiene. Share your case-studies on digital channels, elaborate on the problem areas and the dental treatments done. People with similar issues connect with such content. With so many digital channels you have to maintain the consistency of information across all the channels, an incomplete profile on any of the digital platforms is not good for the branding exercise. When people see the consistency of the information it instils confidence in their minds.

Strategy 4 — Use Info-Graphics

Stress on the use of info-graphics when communicating on Social Media. Graphics are more powerful than words in delivering the right message.

Stats of Digital Marketing for Dentists

Before we begin with the Digital Marketing Services for Dentists, lets first check the stats and interpret them.

  • 71% of patients search for Dentists Online using Search Engine. Source:
  • 48% of the Patients Research for Dentists 14 Days Prior to Scheduling an Appointment. Source:
  • 85% to 90% of Indian Adults and 60% to 80% of Indian Children have Cavities. Source:
  • Rural India has Only 2% Dentists for the 72% of the Rural Population. Source:
  • 86% of Patients Read Online Reviews Before Choosing a Dentist. Source:
  • 52% of Dentists use Social Media [Prominently Facebook]. Source:

Interpretations of the Stats

Digital Marketing plays a pivotal role in generating leads for your Dental clinic. So much so that Digital Marketing has almost surpassed other marketing channels. With the majority of the Urban and Rural population having dental issue of some kind, Dentists and Dental services are in high demand. Most of the dental clinics are centred in urban areas and so the folks from the rural areas have to visit Dental Clinics in cities. Reviews play an important role when it comes to choosing the right dentist. People check dental clinic’s reviews and website before scheduling the appointment. People tend to choose a dentist who communicate “better” with his patients.

Digital Marketing Service 1 — Website Design for Dental Clinics

“A good website reflects your good practices, professionalism and values. We don’t just design your website but keep it up-to-date with latest information, which makes THE difference.”

A Dentist’s Website is like an “Online Office”. Like an office, a website gives credibility and creates trust about your Dental Clinic. People are dismayed to find a Dentist’s listing online without a good website. In today’s digital world, people [and your prospective patients] search everything online and “Dentist Near Me” is at the top of this list.

WDSOFT is a renowned Website Design Agency in Pune and we know what a Dentist’s website should be like. A Dentist’s website is an online tool with which you communicate with your patients. You also portray your expertise in various dental treatments, which instils trust in the minds of your audience.

Get a Search Engine friendly, responsive [Mobile Device Friendly] website designed for your dental clinic. Your website comes with the requisite content for various dental treatment services, patient testimonials, informative blog articles related to oral hygiene, info-graphics & more.

3 Best Dentist Websites In India — Based in Pune, INDIA — Another Dentist Website from Pune, INDIA — A Mumbai Based Dentist’s Website

Digital Marketing Service 2 — Search Engine Optimization [SEO] Services for Dentist’s Website

“Our proven SEO services guarantee higher ranking in Google Search Engine for business keywords like “dentist in {city-name}”, “dentist near me”, “best dentist in {city-name}” etc. Drive high quality organic traffic to your dentist’s clinic website.”

Having a website is one thing and making it generate leads is a completely different story. SEO has a number of benefits in the long run, it is a known fact that people trust SEO listings more than the paid Ads. According to one report, Organic search contributes to 70% of the total Search Engine traffic. The higher you rank in SERPs, the more traffic your website receives. Now if you have more keywords that rank higher, that’s a lot of good traffic. We often observed that Google My Business Marketing outperforms Paid and Organic Search Marketing. This is especially true when the keywords used are related to your specific locations, for example keywords like “dentist in kothrud”, “top dentist in aundh” etc., where the name of the suburb is part of the search query.

“Our SEO strategy is not only to improve the ranking of the keywords but also to increase the number of these keywords that would drive traffic to your dental clinic website. A Force-Multiplier Strategy.”

Our proven SEO services guarantee higher ranking in Google Search Engine for business keywords like “dentist in pune”, “dentist in Mumbai”, “dentist near me”, “best dentist in Bangalore” etc. Drive high quality organic traffic to your dentist’s clinic website. Depending upon your budget and requirements we offer scalable SEO solutions. Since a Dentist offers a wide range of services [like Tooth Extractions, Root Canal, Fillings, Cosmetic Dentistry, Tooth Whitening, Implants, Orthodontics etc.], our SEO solutions naturally make your website list higher for all the service related keywords. This results in more specific leads for specialized treatments.

A Google Search Console Screenshot of one of our clients account, showing sharp increase in the Website’s Organic Traffic.

Digital Marketing Service 3 — Google My Business Local Listing Optimization & Management

“Get more phone calls from all over the city. Rank above the organic listings for a multitude of “dentist” related keywords with a well optimized Google My Business Listing.”

Google My Business [GMB] Local Listing can be a game changer for smaller dental clinics not only in the suburbs but also in the uptown city limits. A well optimized Google My Business Local Listing can drive high volume of local search traffic. According to one study 86% of people look at the location on Google Maps [Google My Business Listing].

“Google My Business Local Listing is not only about the location of a Dental Clinic [or any other business]. This unique and powerful platform combines the features of Search and Social Media Platform too.”

You can publish “posts” as you do in Social Media platforms [like Facebook and Instagram]. You can upload photos of your clinic, Before and After photos of the dental treatments, patient testimonials and even videos. Google My Business listings appear in the SERP whenever someone searches with a relevant keyword. And the best part is GMB listings are placed above the organic results, the GMB listing is accompanied by aggregate ratings and photos — which help improve the CTR. GMB like Social Media can be updated instantly, so if you are having some offers going on like “Free Dental Check-up”, “Discount for Senior Citizens”, “Discount on Referrals” etc, your GMB account can be updated instantly to announce the offers.

At WDSOFT we have a sound understanding of the GMB platform and we optimize various parameters to make your listing stand out from the rest and appear at the top for a multitude of keywords.

Screenshot of Google My Business Account of one of our clients. Notice the number of calls, website visits and direction views.

Digital Marketing Service 4 — Social Media Marketing & Advertising

“Reach out to your target audience on Social Media platforms [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.]. Generate more leads with our proven Social Media Marketing methodology.”

Social Media [Facebook & Instagram] is a great tool for digital branding. Social Media Branding is about making people aware of your services, dental clinic and to establish a connection with your prospective patients, even when they might not be actively searching for the dental services. When you publish relevant posts on Social Media, people connect with it. For example people with “Tooth Sensitivity” would immediately connect with a Social Media post that talks about how you can help them get rid of it. Or about a post related to “Teeth Whitening”, how whiter teeth make your smile beautiful. Once a connection is established it helps improve the recall value. To be honest, Social Media Marketing is an elaborate process and does not generate leads instantly as Search Marketing does, but it is a very powerful tool to generate Brand Awareness. Social Media can be updated instantly to promote your dental offers. Some of the topics on which we create posts are:

  • Before After Photos of the Dental Treatments
  • Photos of Treatment in Progress
  • Educational Posts on Oral Hygiene
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Offers on Dental Treatments
  • Case-Studies
  • Clinic Photos with Instruments
  • News Articles
  • PR Posts

Info-Graphics & Catchy Content play an important role in Social Media Branding. We have an inhouse Social Media Graphic Design team which will create captivating graphics for your Clinic’s Social Media platform. Our content writers create engaging content for your Dental Clinic’s Social Media posts. As your retainer agency we manage all your Social Media accounts along with you or your team. Apart from creating and publishing the posts, we also Share your posts in various Facebook groups in the city, to increase the visibility.

Screenshot of Organic Traffic Received for a FB Post

3 Examples of Good Dental Social Media Profiles

Digital Marketing Service 5 — Google PAID Advertising

“Rank at the top on search engine pages with Google Ads [Formerly AdWords] Advertising platform. Drive targeted traffic with higher conversion ratio. Get the most out of your investment.”

Are you a Dental Surgeon? Do you offer highly specialized Dental treatments? then you can go for Paid Advertising for a selected treatments. At WDSOFT PPC Agency in Pune we have a vast experience of generating quality leads using the Google Ads platform.

Google Ads PPC platform is not for everyone. Driving paid traffic using generic dental related keywords can lead to a poor ROI, as an experienced Digital Marketing Agency we know this as a FACT. But Google Ads PPC works wonders for high-cost dental treatments. We can set up, fine-tune and manage Google Adwords [and other] PPC campaigns for your Dental Clinic. PPC Management for Dentists include:

  • Researching the Right Dental Treatment Keywords
  • Limiting the Campaign Reach to the City & Periphery
  • Using the Suburb Terms in the Keywords [like Bannerghatta, Indiranagar, Andheri, Bandra, Ameerpet, Somajiguda, Kothrud, Kharadi, Kalyaninagar, Koregaon Park etc.]
  • Extensive Use of Negative Keywords to Drive Only Niche Traffic
  • Attractive Landing Page Design
  • Connect with All Communication Channels [Phone, e-Mail, WhatsApp etc.]

Dentist Digital Marketing FAQs

Question: I am a Dentist, which Digital Marketing channel is more suited for my profession?
Answer: All Digital Marketing channels are important for a Dentist’s Profession, but some work better than others. Google My Business works the best for Dentists followed by SEO.

Question: Do I need to have a website to start advertising on Google?
Answer: Though not an absolute requisite, but we highly recommend having a website. You would still be able to list your Dental Clinic on Google My Business and drive local traffic to your listing. You can also advertise your clinic on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Without a website you won’t be able to go for organic listings [SEO] and Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Question: When should I expect the results?
Answer: The digital marketing results depend on service that you opt for. Our Google Ads [Adwords] Pay-Per-Click [PPC] services can start driving quality traffic to your dentist’s website, that convert into leads. Google My Business takes about a month or so to have your site appear in local searches. Ideally, SEO takes about three to four months for your website to start appearing in the SERPs and about 6 months before you have “organic leads” from the SEO traffic.

Question: SEO take months of work, is it really worth the investment?
Answer: Yes, Certainly SEO is worth every bit of money you invest. Though SEO takes time, once the SEO strategy is fully implemented, the results are fabulous. Your dentist’s website gains high ranking in the organic search and stay there for months and even years. It is the initial phase of SEO that takes time.

Digital Marketing Services for Dentists

WDSOFT is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Company based in Pune, INDIA. We specialize in formulating winning digital marketing strategies for Healthcare Professionals, Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals etc. At WDSOFT we focus on Generating Leads through Digital Marketing channels. We focus mainly on “Content Marketing” — our tried and digital marketing channel. We make your profession grow, call us today.



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