We had a few after shocks last night that shook the house for some time, also torrential heavy rain that lasted for more than 24 hours which included thunderstorms and lightning. After breakfast the rain stopped so we decided to take a drive up to the northern peninsular and visit Whararika beach which had been recommend to us. After a few miles we were on untarmac roads with potholes galore and after bouncing around for some time found a sign for a cafe. The cafe looked out onto Farewell Spit a length of sand stretching out to sea, but we could not see it for the mist. Onto the beach drive again on rough roads and through the mist until we came to a flooded road that we could not drive through.

So back to the cafe for lunch while we waited for the tide to go out and the road to drain. Off we went again only to find the water was higher than before so we abandoned our trip to the beach. We went then to Cape Farewell, the most northerly point in South Island.

And a reminder of the other end……!!!

As our next B&B is still not accessible by road not sure if we can stay here for Wednesday night or if we will have to find somewhere half way to Christchurch which is our last stop for three days before flying to Auckland.

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