Well thankfully the minibus taxi turned up on time and picked us up from our accommodation in Kyoto. Hisashi, the cafe owner next door, came out to say goodbye and gift us bottles of water for our journey. The ride to the airport took about an hour, so everything was going well or so we thought!

We were flying with Air Asia and from trying to check in for 2 hours to queues and queues for passports and security, not just once but twice all the bags had to be scanned and ours were then searched, it was not the best start to our next leg of the journey. On board it did not get any better and it seemed the cabin crew were as confused as us as to what was going on! We finally found our seats and off we flew. We were looking forward to our meal but everyone around us seemed to be having to buy food. The air stewardess then came with our meal which was rice with CHICKEN!. We were told as this was a complimentary meal this was all we could have. After much discussion she said she would try and sell our meals so we could have a vegetarian meal. Hurray success and the food was good. We arrived at Kuala Lumpur airport for our transfer to Perth Australia. We had to walk what seemed like 2 miles to the boarding gate where more confusion reigned. We were worried that the 1.5 hours we had for the transfer would be tight and we made it with minutes to spare. Then hey ho everyone rushed on to the plane. Off we went and meal time arrived with another complimentary CHICKEN dinner. When we said we could not eat this meal we were told to pay if we wanted a vegetarian meal and would not exchange, so we had the complimentary bottle of water whilst others were paying for water. Before leaving the plane the interior was sprayed with disinfectant which rained down on us!

Well we arrived at Perth and more queues, one which included an automatic passport machine which also photographed you and then queued for immigration. Hurrah we escaped from all this madness and scaled a fence to get to a taxi…… take us to the hotel quickly we told the taxi driver before Air Asia offers us another chicken dinner. We have had a laugh about it and no doubt seasoned travellers like our family members would take this in their stride but for us oldies, especially Jon whose blood pressure was soaring it is so draining.

Anyway away from the drama and we are now in our hotel in Perth having had a lovely breakfast and will rest for the rest of the day. Contact has been made with our Perth relatives and they will be picking us up tomorrow for sightseeing, really looking forward to seeing them and the other family members we are yet to meet.