Well we have now left Perth and arrived in Sydney. We flew with Virgin Airways and on arrival at Perth airport we were faced with booking in machines and when we found a human being was told to use the machine. For us who are not used to the workings of airports it was like using the self service tills at supermarkets which we do not do. Sure enough we pressed loads of buttons and the machine seized up!! Now not knowing what to do we must have looked rather pathetic as a Virgin employee appeared from nowhere and a few touches of the screen and the suitcases disappeared. When we got on the plane the seats we had booked last January must have been given to others as we ended sitting by the toilets. After a complaint we were moved to new seats at the rear of the plane and when Judith had to change her meal as it was pasta they provided a gluten free meal and waived the charge. What is it with us and aeroplanes?? Spent the time watching movies, “Eddie the Eagle” and something else that Judith watched and I cannot ask her as she has gone out shopping with our host Debbie. Rich picked us up from the airport and as Sydney is in an advanced time from Perth we gained 3 hours so arrived around 10.15pm.

We were pretty tired so had a cup of tea and a chat and went to bed. Going to rest today and later in the day a party has been arranged with 30 guests due to attend!

Tomorrow we plan to take the ferry into Darling Harbour and hit the sites.

I leave you with a pic of Perth garden clock.