Yesterday another twisting mountain road trip,we went to the Akaroa on the Banks Peninsular which was first settled by the French so has kept its influence with some of the original homes still being used. The former bank has been turned into a chic B&B whilst the Main Street has many cafes and restaurants. An outside pianist sat facing the sea playing classical music as we sat in the restaurant enjoying our lunch.

On our way back we stopped at Little River a community that rents out silos for tourists to stay in! We met a lovely lady who was a local artist working in leather and glass and we made some purchases.

Today we went to the local beach at Sumner. The morning was sunny and warm but by lunchtime dark clouds had appeared but luckily no rain. One part of the beach was a surfers paradise with lots of surfers enjoying the waves. A picnic was taken on the beach before returning to our accommodation to pack ready for our flight to Auckland tomorrow.

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