The Heineken Ad Is Worse Than The Pepsi Ad, You’re Just Too Stupid To Know It
The DiDi Delgado

The beauty of opinion is that nothing is objective in terms of them, as they are based entirely upon personal perception. While I cannot invalidate your personal feelings about the commercial, I can say it is not a basis in which to call others stupid. You’re allowed to perceive a candle as a stopwatch if you so choose — but to deem others as stupid or harmful people for disagreeing is, in itself, stupid and harmful.

You become the negative entity that you claim to fight against, and it’s horrifying today’s social climate has boiled down to this.

Personally, I enjoyed the commercial — if only for the fact that it recognizes that UNITY is better than segregation. But, in the subtext of this article, you seem to loathe white people and support segregating them — so that’s probably not an opinion we share and makes it easy to understand why this video brushed you the wrong way.

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