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We Encourage Fundraising — what is that?

We Encourage
Feb 6 · 2 min read

In today’s fast paced world, where information is all around us, easily tapped through our smartphones, people value transparency, and yes, information.

Charity, traditionally, has been pretty much one way channel. Donor gives money, gets a good feeling for doing good, and continues his or her life. But, as the information is more and more available, people have noticed that not all charities are directing money where it should be directed. That robs away the good feeling, and many times donors are left feeling frustrated and powerless. No matter how much they give, they are still left with a feeling of disempowerment, and huge pressure of not being able to do anything for the people they are wanting to help. Time to time this leads to the fact that people simply stop giving.

We Encourage helps NGOs to serve their donors better

This is where We Encourage steps in, we help NGOs and Small-Scale Fundraisers to serve their donors better, with our tools to show where the money actually is being collected for, and how much is reserved for covering the fundraising costs for We Encourage and for marketing the cause. After the fundraising is done, we help with the follow-up marketing, showing people how and where their donated money is being spent. By that donors are able to see how their help has been making a difference in people’s lives.

“We Encourage Fundraising helps NGOs to serve their customers aka donors better by creating transparency and trust.”

We Encourage is the linkage between the NGO and the donor, making sure that the money is spent as it should. We do that by serving only those carefully selected NGOs and Small-Scale Fundraising causes, willing to commit with transparency and follow-up. We create trust for donors, so that they are able to feel good and empowered with their donation. This transparency attracts more donors for the trustworthy NGO’s causes and thus makes a bigger impact on the lives of people in need. We believe that when everyone is getting something out of doing good, it creates a ripple effect of creating more good.

We Encourage Action Takers — A Call for piloting partners!

If you are interested to join our mission as a piloting partner apply here.

We Encourage

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We Encourage, a completely new kind of impact startup, is on a mission to enable education, empower women and stop forced marriages.

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