There are holidays, vacations, and travels and then there are experiences. Memories from our travels stay in our mind but experiences touch our heart and change our lives.

An experience could be a natural phenomenon, a gesture extended by people, whom we meet during our travels or an activity in which we participate, and when all three get clubbed, it becomes a once in a lifetime experience.

Traveling to Kola Village through a stretch of gravel road was one such experience. What set it apart further was the fact it is situated in the core area surrounded by massive mountains.

“To Travel is to Learn” — ‘Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in this world’


6. Rediscover the Charms of the Past in Salar Jung Museum

Salar Jung Museum

Located on the banks of River Musi in Hyderabad, Salar Jung Museum is a place that is meant for every history lover that visits this city of Nizams. It is one of those things to do in Hyderabad that no tourist can miss out on. This museum accommodates the biggest one-man antique collection from the world and is also the third largest museum in India.

Tracing the history back till the first century with its collection, this museum…

Whether you’re a seasoned world explorer or not, it’s surprisingly simple to TRAVEL like one.
Traveling is so much more than just visiting the touristy highlights. While the must-see attractions are always fun, be sure to find the time for some of the little-known or less documented spots too.

It’s time to put your explorer’s cap on and get curious as comes up with the ‘things to do while we wander in Hyderabad’.

Hyderabad, a city that can make you smile with only its unique language, a city that takes you back to the pages of history, a city…

Manali is a paradise for those want to get close to the magical snowy hills, If you are planning to leave the cocoon of your house and want to get rid of scorching summer then Manali is a perfect harbor. Apart from the wonderful sights, the blissful ambiance, Manali is Himachal’s very own adventure hub.

Well, there are many things to do on the Manali trip, but adventure plays a major role, be it families, couples or solo travelers, the high mountains draped in snow, rolling valleys of green, swift rivers, clear blue skies will definitely ensure you have the…

5 Reasons why you should step out & start exploring in your 15’s!!

We’re in our 15’s in school, planning for a college or you’re still figuring out what you’re up to with your life, don’t you look forward to the coming weekend to break the normal daily drill and submit yourself to the nature?

It is essential to spread your wings and fly, step out of your comfort zone, embrace the unknown, and live life, here we are with 5 reasons why you need to step out of your comfortable zone and start exploring right now.

An ultimate voyage towards the Nature’s home!

Are you a nature lover? Do you like adventures? Are you searching for an amazing place to explore? All you need is to go and book a journey to this beautiful nature’s home. Formally known as Hailey National Park,the park is named after Edward James who played a crucial role for its establishment. Let’s explore few facts about Asia’s first national park.

It’s Breathtaking Green Hills

The Yacht Party

They say, “Life is a party”, I say let’s take this party to a better place and have a great time! As breezy and smooth it sounds, trust me it gets better when you feel it. A setting sun looks incredible when it reflects in the sea; it gets better when it is followed by an amazing party in the middle of the sea. So, put your hands up in the sun and welcome the “Yacht Week” by Quest.Life. Feel the groove and dance with the sun, enjoy the party and don’t go home. …

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