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We currently partnered with an event company that organizes sold out summer events for millennials in Toronto,Canada. The goal was to develop a gaming experience around their upcoming event that would drive more excitement and anticipation a week before the event.

The result of a 2 day campaign indirectly exposed who the brand champions (loyal customers, brand ambassadors) of the event company were in addition to brand engagement.

In summary, the mobile game developed for the event was a picture puzzle (jigsaw puzzle) using the actual event flyer as the puzzle. …


Once upon a time, a fashion brand approached a team of software engineers dedicated to brand engagement & customer data mining with their marketing goals for the launch of their latest fashion collection.

The goal was simple, “we need our most valued customers to engage with the new products showcased at our exclusive runway launch party”.

After a couple of brainstorming sessions, a game plan was set in motion that would do just that. Little did we know the game plan would indirectly become a pricing tool.

In summary, the game plan was to have the audience at the runway…

Everyday, brands across different verticals hustle to accomplish 2 simple business goals:

  1. Acquire new customers
  2. Retain current customers

In the process of achieving those business goals, brands have to engage their current/potential clients on a frequent basis especially if your company falls in the B2C (business to consumers) realm.

After the explosion of social media platforms with daily users in the BILLIONS, content marketing became the go to marketing tool. It was and still is an exciting time to be in business, developing a relationship between your brand and current/potential customers.

Brands got creative and utilized the platforms in different…


The gaming experience solution for brand engagement and customer data mining.

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